List Building Tip – Most LinkedIn Group Owners Miss This

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In previous posts about LinkedIn, I've written that hosting a LinkedIn Group is by far the best way to build a community, connect with potential new clients and drive more traffic back to your blog. And there's one more thing (at least).

LinkedIn Groups can be a great source of new subscribers for your blog or email list. But, most Group owners/managers miss this one key place to encourage new subscribers…

The last time you joined a LinkedIn group, what happened? Most likely you received a generic welcome email.

Generic LinkedIn Group Welcome Message

While this looks nice, it doesn't provide much information and there's nothing personal about it. I don't even know who the Group owner is. And, it's a missed opportunity.

I believe most group owners don't realize they can customize the default welcome message. This is where you want to warmly welcome your new member and invite them to visit your blog AND get a free report, videos, white paper, your newsletter, etc., by joining your list. About 25% of the members who join my Online Visibility Boost group, click through the link on the welcome message they receive and get my free Visibility Boost Tips.

LinkedIn Custom Group Welcome Message

Isn't that message from the Linked Strategies group warmer and more welcoming?

How do you customize the Welcome Message?

Edit the LinkedIn Group Welcome Message

1. Click on the Manage Tab at the top of your Group page.

2. Click on Templates in the left sidebar

3. Click on Create/Edit Template next to Welcome Message.

If you have a private group and manually accept members vs. letting people join automatically, you can also create custom messages for people who request to join your group, people you decline, and block.

Pretty simple, right? Here's the custom message I send to those who join my group:

Customize LinkedIn Group Welcome Message

Remember: always add a call to action in your welcome message. If you don't ask, you don't get. :-)

Now, to give credit where credit is due, I learned this tip from Lewis Howes when I studied his program Linked Influence. Seems so obvious, right? Yet since I've been actively joining and particpating in LinkedIn groups, I've only received a couple of custom welcome messages that included links and a call to action. You can take the lead in your niche, stand out from your competitors and build your list if you implement this one tactic today.

Click to Tweet this Tip> Build your list by customizing your LinkedIn Group welcome message.

If you own/manage a LinkedIn Group, do you customize your welcome message? What information do you include?

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  1. says


    Terrific advice–I really hadn’t realized that LI had this feature for our group and our message, although custom, was a bit stale and not in sync with updates to our website or marketing messages, so this gave me a chance to make those changes! (I also added a link to our mailing list signup for our monthly events and newsletters).

    I noticed that some welcome letters include the organization’s logo or some kind of graphic (as in your example above) Is there a “trick” to this or am I missing some setting somewhere?



  2. says

    Hey Denise,
    This is great. Especially since I am really trying hard to build my list. One question though, do you suggest letting them join without requesting?

    • says

      Hi Karen, it depends on the purpose of the group. My LinkedIn group is open so anyone can join and I don’t want to have to approve everyone. However, I do have some restrictions set up for some moderation which you can do in the group settings. If someone is brand new to LinkedIn or has only a few connections, I moderate their comments for 3 days. This is because there are some spammers out there and I want to make sure I run a relatively spam-free group.

  3. bennyearl says

    I have been using LinkedIn for 5 years and run four groups.  I did not know that this feature existed.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention.  I am glad Amy Porterfield’s tweet directed me to your blog.

    Ben Matthews

  4. says


    Oh My Gosh!  This is such a great tip and the way you explain it with the graphics makes it soooo easy!   Most people, including myself, just don’t know that much about LinkedIn.    When I start my own group, someday, I will keep this tip in mind.

    Thank You so much!   Have a great Weekend!

    – Jupiter Jim

  5. says

    Excellent tip Denise and an opportunity I can’t believe I missed in LinkedIn!  I have already created my new welcome email and took advantage of driving new members to additional sites. Thank you!!

  6. says

    Excellent tip Denise and something I can’t believe I missed in LinkedIn!  I have already created my new welcome email and took advantage of driving new members to additional sites. Thank you!!

  7. says

    Another great tip Denise!  And there are other areas of Linkedin that provide a default message which business owners and entrepreneurs should take advantage of and personalize them.  It has proven to give my connection invitations 100% acceptance.  It also has started a conversation which ultimately turns into a business connection and in some cases, a client. 

  8. donna_tribe says

    Thanks for this valuable information.  I recently blogged about LinkedIn, but this takes it to a higher level.  This useful information will be shared with my followers.
    Thanks again,
    Donna Merrill

  9. says

    Thanks so much for the advice Denise.  I’m the guilty one you used as your example (she says sheepishly).  I’m hard at work on improving it now …

    • says

      Hi Julie, didn’t mean to call you out. I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile and when I got your welcome message I saved to use as an example. I should have warned you first. Thanks for being a good sport.

    • says

      Julie, you are way ahead of the game.  Most groups don’t include a Welcome Message at all!  Good job.  And now, we can make our groups even better thanks to Denise and Lewis.  Time to go work on the group!