Email Trumps Social Marketing for Small Businesses [Survey]

This past week, May 9 – 16, has been National Small Business Week and today I finally had some time to read a new study by Cox Business, the 2014 Cox Business Barometer. They surveyed 601 U.S. small businesses in April 2014 and released the study in time for National Small Business week.

One of the stats that jumped out at me was that email trumps social marketing for customer engagement.

2014 Cox Business BarometerMany in the social marketing space tend to think that social media is the be all and end all for creating engagement. But truly, when you think about it, where do you get the most response? 

When I want people to take action whether it’s taking a poll, reading a blog post, or registering for a program, a direct email always gets the best response.

Social media gets your small business visibility, creates awareness and allows you to connect on a casual basis, but the real, intimate engagement often comes after a customer or prospect receives an email from you.  [Read more...]

GooglePlus: How to Use Hangouts on Air to Grow Your Audience

As you may know by now, I’m a Google Fangirl so when I was asked by Yvonne DiVita, founder of BlogPaws to present a session on Google+ Hangouts on Air at their conference, I said “yes!”.  The slidedeck is below and while it’s better with narration, you’ll be able to get the points pretty well.

I was pleased to have  full room and that several people approached me afterwards letting me know they were excited to get started using HOAs for their blogs and businesses. That was music to my ears as it was my sole intention to inspire some people to get started using Hangouts. [Read more...]

Top Ten Social Marketing Articles of 2013

Top Ten Social Marketing Posts of 2013 on DeniseWakeman.comAs the end of another year approaches, it’s common to look back to see what you’ve accomplished and body of digital content you’ve created. If you blog on a regular basis, you’ll see how much content you’ve published. It’s a good exercise for finding trends and learning about your readers. 

I spent some time looking over the social marketing articles my guest bloggers and I have published in 2013. I looked at traffic, comments and social shares to determine the top ten blog posts in 2013. [Read more...]

142 Pinterest Board Ideas for Your Business

As of December 2013, Pinterest has 70,000,000 active users. It’s a great site for driving traffic to your blog because of the viral sharing that can happen if you have a great image that can be pinned. And, it’s another opportunity to find an audience who wants the content you produce.

But what if you blog about a topic that’s not inherently visual (like food, art, interior design, travel, etc.)?  [Read more...]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Google Plus

Google PlusGoogle+ is a complex beast and yet, it is well worth your time to learn the basics. Once you have mastered the basics of building circles, posting and sharing content, then step by step, take the time to learn about the benefits of going deeper into Google+.

To help you do that, I’m sharing an awesome slide with you. Created by Michael Bennett on Google Drive, there are links to 15 slide decks guiding you through many of the nuances of using Google+. Each deck is a compliation of the best articles by the featured author on a specific topic. That’s what makes this an insanely useful slide itself. It’s your reference library for everything you ever wanted to know about Google+. I recommend you bookmark the post, save it to Evernote or do whatever you do to save important content for later viewing.

How to use the Drive deck

1. Review the “table of contents” of the deck (scroll down to list below the presentation) and choose the topic you want to study.

2. Expand the deck to full screen.





3. Click on the image for the deck you want to explore. If you’re new to Google+ I suggest you start with “Google+ 101″ by Peg Fitzpatrick.

The deck will open in a new tab.  Every link in the deck is active so you can click to go directly to the article featured on the slide.

4. While you’re thinking about it, add Michael Bennett to one of your Google+ circles. He’s worth paying attention to. Michael also shares incredibly beautiful photos he takes in Chicago and around the world.

The map to all the drives
  1. A Complete SMO & SEO Summary for June 2013 by+Joshua Berg
  2. What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide by+martin shervington
  3. Everything Google by Mr. Everything Google +Denis Labelle
  4. YouTube, SEO, Google Search Rankings & a Whole Lot More by +Yifat Cohen
  5. The Google+ Hovercard – Your Calling Card Across All Google by +Stephan Hovnanian
  6. Guides to Google Plus for Business & Personal Use by +Mark Traphagen
  7. Driving with David – Author, Speaker, Analyst by+David Amerland
  8. Google Plus 101 by +Peg Fitzpatrick
  9. First Annual (Virtual) Bloggers Conference with +Chef Dennis Littley
  10. Social Signals, Your Website & Google Plus – This Changes Everything by +Dustin W. Stout
  11. Creating Your Optimized Google+ Cover Image by+Stephan Hovnanian
  12. Google Plus Basics, Tips, and Tricks by +Jaana Nyström
  13. How to Drive on Drive by +Michael Bennett
  14. Google Products and Services by +Denis Labelle
  15. Google Plus SEO by +Joshua Berg

I’d love to know what you think about this Drive presentation. And, please don’t get overwhelmed by the abundant amount of content. Take one deck at a time, read the articles and implement as you have time.