3 Steps to Using a Blog to Produce Profitable Webinars

Webinars can be a fast, profitable way to create visibilty for you and your business, as well as build a list of raving fans. This guest post is by Daniel Hall, one of the best webinar teachers I've had the good fortune to learn from.

3 Steps to Using a Blog to Produce Profitable Webinars

Selling from webinars can be an awesome way to grow your business rapidly.  Of course, webinars become more profitable based on the size of your audience.  The larger the audience the easier it is to be profitable.  Accordingly, if you are doing webinars (and you should be) you want to do all you can to increase your webinar audiences.  Fortunately, your blog can help with this pursuit.  
What follows are my recommendations for using your blog to promote your webinars, gain larger audiences and make bigger profits, faster.
1. Using your blog to establish your webinar topics.   One of the best things about a blog is your ability to interact and connect with your readers.  Instead of wondering or guessing what topics your webinars should cover write a blog post and ask your peeps what their challenges are and what you are thinking of presenting.   Let your folks help you decide.  After all, good marketing always comes down to figuring out what your market wants and then giving it to them.

2. Once you have used your blog to determine your webinar topics, next write a short post promoting your upcoming webinar.  Talk about the fact that the topic being covered was one of the most requested.  Also, describe what your webinar will cover and WHY it’s important for your readers to be there.  This boils down to describing benefits and what effect those benefits will have in your peeps lives.  Also, in your post make sure you have the webinar registration link and time details.  
Additionally, encourage your readers to spread the word about your webinar via social media properties like Facebook and Twitter.  In other words, use your post to build your audience and then do your webinar.  Chances are you will make sales and intensify the bond you already have established with your blog readers.  It’s all good.
3. Finally, use your blog to promote the REPLAY of your webinar and provide a link where people can go watch.  Unfortunately, many people who wanted to be on the live webinar could not for whatever reason be there.  This happens all the time.  Providing a replay is smart and will make you more sales and garner you more fans so why not tell your readers about the replay.
Using your blog to carry out these steps will result in a more successful webinar to be sure.  Be that as it may, not only do you want lots of people on your webinar you want to know how to sell them once they are there.  Fortunately, I am doing a webinar that you don’t want to miss called – Step by Step Insider Secrets to Producing Highly Profitable Webinars on July 28, 2011 at 12 Noon Pacific Time (1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern) – register here.  
In this complimentary webinar you’ll get the exact template that I use for consistently producing webinars that make mountains of cash!
This training will be literally step-by-step.  I will hold nothing back!  
Here's why you want to be there. Webinars can…
  • Increase your sales conversions and consequently produce monster profits
  • Build your list like crazy 
  • Help you "connect" and "bond" with your clients and prospects creating raving fans of YOU
  • Brand you and your business and give you a solid-reputation for someone who delivers massive value; someone worthy of buying from
My promise: You'll get the exact template you need to create profitable webinars. Period.  No fuss – no muss. Register here.   (it's free!)
Daniel Hall is an author, speaker, consultant, coach, lawyer, nurse and sometimes blogger.  He is also the creator of the popular Real Fast Book program, designed to help people crank out high-quality, highly profitable books real fast. He gave up a lucrative law practice to earn his living online 5 years ago and has never looked back. 
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  1. Faye says

    thanks a lot for this post! i created a blog a few weeks ago and thinking about earning money with it in the future.

  2. Bruce says


    Nice article. I just found you on Twitter and followed the link. I will be following you, shortly.

    More importantly, our new listing website for webevents,  http://wwWebevents.com just went live.  It’s a free and premium service where you can post your webevents and learn about upcoming ones.  It also includes a search and customized notification service. Since it’s a listing service, it doesn’t matter where you registered your webevent;  you can point a link directly to that page.

    I would like to discuss this service with you and if you would like to write a regular column which we would feature.


    Bruce Newman

    • says

      Hi Bruce, thanks for letting me know about your new service. I’ll check it out. As for writing a regular column, I’m over extended as it is am not committing to any writing gigs. I appreciate your invitation.