Top Ten Online Marketing Articles in 2012

top-tenYear-end always brings a flurry of Top Ten posts, often focusing on a blog’s most popular posts of the year.  This blog is no exception. I dug into my analytics to find the ten online marketing articles that got the most page views and comments during 2012.  Those two metrics are generally a good indication of the types of content your readers enjoy the most and from which they get the most value.

Why should you create a year-end Top Ten list?

  • Adds more value for your audience
  • New and long-time subscribers may have missed earlier popular posts
  • Refocuses visibility on your best content
  • Reveals trends about what your readers like
  • Readers love list posts and usually share them with their networks

I’ve created the Top Ten list on so you can vote on your favorite of the ten posts, comment, share and embed the list on your own blog, if you wish.

10 items   1.21k views

Top 10 Posts of 2012 on

Based on page views and comments, these are the top 10 blog posts on in 2012. Topics include business blogging, online visibility and social medial marketing. Feel free to share and embed the list on your own blog as well as vote on your favorite article!


Did you write a Top Ten List of Popular Posts? Please share a link to your post in the comments below so we can check out what you created in 2012!

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  1. says

    Thanks for this valuable list, Denise.
    I will bookmark this list for my daily Read, this is a great start in the New Year 2013.
    And thank you for your advice.

  2. says

    Thanks so much for this blog post Denise! It reminded me that I set up an account there and just left. Now I have something else to factor into my social media for a steamin’ 2013. Happy new year!

  3. says

    THANK YOU soooo much Denise for all your epic blogging advice. I can’t wait to review all of these articles/posts. You are d’best.
    Much love and thanks again ….I am always so grateful for your blog & the ahhhhmazing advice that you share.