Promote Your Blog – 30 Ways to Get More Visibility [Infographic]

Have you noticed how “drive traffic to your blog” has evolved into “promote your blog”?

It makes sense. Promotion actually precedes traffic…without it, you have little or no traffic, right? Or to put it another way, if no one sees your blog posts, it’s like you’re invisible and your blog doesn’t exist at all.

Promotion = Visibility = Traffic

When students and clients wonder why they’re not getting many comments or subscribers or business from their blog, a little digging usually reveals there has been little promotion of each blog post. The demand for your ideal reader’s attention is so great now, you have to step up your game and consistently promote your blog. With a systematic approach you will see more traffic, readers and subscribers.

Thanks to Andreea Ayers of for sharing this infographic on 30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts. It’s worth your time to create an action plan for implementing at least 30% of the tips below. Pick two each week and experiment to see where you get the best results.

30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

Got a tip for promoting your blog that’s not on the infographic? Add it in the comments below.

Once you’re getting consistent traffic to your blog, the next step is to convert your readers to subscribers so they keep going back to your blog for your content. Learn how to generate more leads and build your list with your blog.

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing Denise! I use many of these ideas myself. What I do is create a “Blog Promotion Checklist” for each of my sites so that I don’t miss anything. It has been working great for me.

  2. says

    Great list. I liked the point that you tell bloggers to concentrate on a couple of strategies. I also like to create a pdf of the blog and submit it to document sharing sites. If the quality is good it will get shared and you will see traffic.

    • says

      John, that’s a great tip. I did that a lot in the past and seem to have inadvertently dropped it from my promotion list. I appreciate the reminder. Blog on!

  3. says

    Nice Article. This info-graphic defines lots about marketing our blog online. thanks for sharing such a nice article. This will be very useful for all new bloggers who are striving to get the traffic to their blog.Thank You

  4. says

    Loads of very valuable information here –

    I am wondering though – if – for the sake of focusing and for brevity – the viewer had only time enough to access a blog from one of the sources given and the most powerful one – which of the 30 ways of promoting would you suggest to fit the need I mention –

    It has been my recent observation that promoting a single post on my Facebook fan page to not only the followers or people who have liked my page but to the choice now given on Facebook to have a post promoted to people that like my fan page and their friends has gotten me 500,000 viewers to one post in three days –

    On the other hand giving anyone whether it is a viewer or a poster – too much to do will make things very difficult and eventually cause things to not get done at all –

  5. says

    Okay, so as a web dev, I certainly and frequently do 3-4 of the above list regularly and most often when a post I do goes to the top of my RSS feed (don’t ask, I’ve already got a headache trying to figure out how to describe this). However, the reason I’ve commented is to make it clear that doing half a dozen of the above for each new post and varying what you do (ie which site you use) generates real links and real traffic. It targets a new pool of readers, gives new links from new IP addresses and domains and above all makes you look a lot less like a spammer and more like someone who actually wants to contribute to the web. The web is about diversity, uniqueness and that goes for linking as well as content.

  6. says

    Nice Infographic, but I would be very careful about what you suggest doing with Digg and Reddit. Digg is all about quality. That last thing you want to do is submit every post (unless you write only a champion quality post every couple of months), or the mods there will just ignore your domain entirely. As for Reddit, if you are caught promoting your own blog, they will simply delete your account; they are Scrooges and Saurons.

  7. says

    Wow! What an extensive list in that Infographic. I am going to set myself a challenge to pick at least one a day for 30 days and see the difference. Some I will skip so my content doesn’t appear on too many sites and be punished as a result, but some I will do several times with several different posts for maximum impact! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Brianna says

    This is an excellent advice article. It really inspired me to work on my blog, (which currently resides mostly in my head, but with a little love, tenderness, and actual dedication, has the full potential to grow and blossom). How to promote a blog can seem foreign, but you have laid it out very simply. Thank you!

  9. says

    Hi Denise – having recently started my blog and still finding my feet in this big online world – really appreciated the layout of your graphic and practical pointers. I’m going to explore the syndication options as a starting point. Thank you for this!

  10. says

    Although I am using some of them, I see I am lacking in lots of areas. Thanks for this great reminder how important it is to promote your blog and some great ideas on how to do it.

  11. says

    That is an awesome post. You have really layed out your points in great detail to promote our blog. Very easy to follow with good content. We should take get hold of this post, read and impliment the points outlined.

  12. says

    Great information! This is going to help me make a systematic plan for how to promote my blog. I also am going to click on the link on how to convert my readers to subscribers. I have been following you on Facebook and really appreciate your “meaty” content.

    • says

      Hi Julie, Thanks for stopping by the blog. When I saw this infographic, I knew I had to share it. The format makes it easy to create a checklist for promoting your blog posts. Blog on!

  13. says

    Having just created an infographic of my own, I have a new appreciation of how much work it takes to make one valuable. This one stands out Denise…thanks SO much for sharing! Great info…

    • says

      Thanks, Ellen. The great thing about infographics, other than being able to tell a story so well, is that they are shareable! I can leverage someone else’s talent and provide valuable content for my readers.