Link Love from Virtual Blog Writing Day

After the recent Virtual Blog Writing Day, I offered participants a chance to get some link love on this blog. One of the things that drives me is helping online entrepreneurs boost their visibility on the web. To that end, I wanted to reward those who took action and wrote blog posts on VBWD. So, I offered to include a link to a post they wrote on a group post and make sure it got syndicated throughout my networks. 

I received links to 15 blog posts, all created during Virtual Blog Writing Day. I'm thrilled to present them to you now and invite you to click through to the articles that catch your attention. This is a great way to find new bloggers, possibly in your niche. Read their posts, post a comment and share with your networks. Be generous and you may make a new contact that could turn into a joint venture partner, a guest blogger, a client or a mentor for you…

Now, without further ado, here are the posts in the order I received them…there's something for everyone!

Writer's Block Stinks: 4 Steps for When Your Get-Up-And-Go Has Gone-Up-And-Went by Stephanie LH Calahan

Key Words For “Maybe Yes, Maybe No” Menu Choices by Penelope M. Klatell, PhD, RN, ACC
And, while I didn't achieve my goal of writing four blog posts, here's one I did publish during Virtual Blog Writing Day:
Remember, find two or three posts on this list that resonate with you and check them out. Click on the links, read, comment and share…what goes around comes around and you may find new connections and readers for your blog too!
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  1. says

    Thanks again for providing us the time, information and platform to share our blogs…I got sooo much out of the Virtual Blog Writing time (it was evening in the UK) and hopefully my blog/s will show continue improving as I follow your tips.

    • says

      Glad to know you were able to join the VBWD even though you were in the UK. I know that time is tough. Thanks for sharing your post for the group link love post…blog on!

  2. says

    Denise, you are so terrific about promoting others, and we all appreciate it so, so much. Thank you for including my blog post in your list today, and thank you again for having the Virtual Blog Writing Day. All of us who participated were impressed with the time, effort, and great information your provided, and we all learned a lesson in the importance of carving out time to do our writing, planning, and strategizing without other interruptions.

    • says

      Elizabeth, I appreciate your kind words. I loved doing the Virtual Blog Writing Day and am considering when to do it again. Probably not for awhile, due to other projects, but I think it’s a good way to really put attention on what’s necessary to revive one’s blogging energy and jumpstart creativity. Thanks for submitting your post for inclusion in the group post.