Four Super Easy Ways to Create Quote Graphics for Facebook, Pinterest and Your Blog

If you hang out on Facebook and Pinterest, you no doubt know that quote graphics are hugely popular. People love to share quotes and they are a powerful way to share your thoughts, beliefs, moods, and excerpts from your programs and content. The images that seem to grab the most attention are those quotes layered on a gorgeous image.

But what if you’re not particularly techie or you’re graphically challenged (like me)?

I’ve found and use four online apps that make creating quote graphics as easy as “copy, paste and click.”


Upload your own image or use one of the backgrounds provided by Pinwords. Choose your text style, type your text and click the Pin It button. If you want to save the image and use upload it to Facebook or use it on your blog, right click on the image and save it to your computer.


I use this site a lot. You can create images from websites, create quotes, sticky note reminders, a Twitter profile image, a date on a calendar, or upload your own image. I use it to create all these types of images. For quotes, you have six styles and fonts from which to choose. Again, to use it on your blog or Facebook, don’t forget to save it to your computer.


I recently discovered this quote graphic site. Again, it can’t get easier than this: type or paste your quote text, add the name of who said it and then choose the image or background you want for the quote. Pin and save to your computer. Quozio has a bit better selection of images than some of the other freebie sites.


This site is great for branding, watermarking or adding a caption to your own images. Upload your image, choose the frame style you like (color and font), add your text, pin it, and save.

All of these quote graphic sites can be used to boost your visibility on Facebook and Pinterest. Not only can you create interesting quotes, you can use the sites to create images that promote your webinars, programs, books, and events. You’re only limited by your imagination. [I’ve linked to some of the ways I’ve used quote graphics throughout the post.]

UPDATE: I’ve created a list of sites on Feel free to add your own favorites as well.

If there are other easy quote graphic sites you use, please post the URLs in the comments. And, share your ideas about how you use quotes on social networking sites and your blog.

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  1. says

    Just a note – I started using Quozio and was suspicious when it required me to download a special toolbar add-on before I could download the graphic. Luckily I stopped before downloading it, as it looks like the toolbar is a browser hijacker that infects your computer. So I would stay away from Quozio, as cool as the functionality is. You can google Allin1Convert Toolbar virus to see multiple articles about this.

  2. says

    Thanks. I spend my time writing so I don’t have time to learn all the techie stuff I really need. This should make it easy to help promo my books in a more interesting manner. I’m off the see what’s out there. Thanks again.

  3. says

    Great! Thanks for sharing. I’m looking for a site that has the option of putting my own website at the bottom of the picture quote. Has anyone seen, or know how to do this?

    • says

      Hi Sandy, thanks for stopping by. You can use PicMark (see article for link) and PicMonkey to add text to your own images. I mostly use PicMonkey to add text and manipulate my own images.

  4. says

    Thanks for the list, Denise. I’ve been using Pinwords, but I don’t particularly like the small selection of fonts and backgrounds they have – some are even hard to read. Quozio looks promising – I’ll try it next.

    To answer Beachrunner5’s comment: I’m pretty good with Photoshop, computers and design, but I prefer using such cites because of how easy and quick it is. In Photoshop, there are so many options – I could probably spend hours creating a perfect visually attractive image. With sites like Quozio, you only get so many design choices – makes it super fast!

  5. says

    I guess those seem like good sites for people who don’t know how to use their computers. My 15 year old daughter uses paint with great results. Power point is pretty useful too. At my social company, it’s easier for us just to jump into Illustrator or Photoshop to create these images then the hardship of logging into a free site. Different strokes for different folks. Some people need the creative help from sites like these.
    Here’s another great idea SEO Marketing ideas

    • says

      I would say it’s more a matter of not having design skills vs. not knowing how to use a computer. These quote sites are fast and easy to use. Personally, I’m not a graphic designer and find Photoshop to be way to complex to learn. If I can create an image is a few seconds that looks good, that’s best for me. I don’t find it a hardship to log in to a site. And, it’s great that there are so many choices for everyone, from experienced like you to graphically challenged, like me. :-)

  6. says

    These sites make it look so easy, I never knew how to make those quotes before. I will put my new knowledge to good use now. Thanks!

  7. says

    Love these Denise! I have had a lot of fun with Pinstamatic. Haven’t seen Quozio yet, so I will be sure to take a look. I am totally loving PicMonkey as my pick of tools this year too – so addictive and I can’t believe it is free! Great post!

  8. Althea Young says

    Seriously, I love this list of sites here. I didn’t know we have this.
    Thank you. I would try this particularly the Pinstamatic because I think it’s cool.

  9. Sivagopi says

    Thanks for the awesome tools and I always use Photoshop to get things done as these tools will make my work much more easier.

  10. says

    Thanks Denise for this great post. I really appreciate the information. I have used Pinstamatic but love the other tools you’ve mentioned. Thank you again as I am always looking for other ways to get the word out there.

  11. says

    Thank you for the resources, Denise.
    I was playing around with Pinstamatic and noticed that the link went back to THEIR site when I pinned the quote rather than mine. What are the ramifications of changing the link? Clearly I created the quote photo but used their software.



  12. says

    Oh wow Denise, I was having so much fun pinning with these tools I almost forgot to come back and say thanks!!

    I like Quozio a lot so far.

    btw – I started a Pin Board featuring CommentLuv blogs pinned this post there.

    Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  13. says

    Thanks for sharing these. I had previously found Roflbot and had some success with it, but these look even more promising. I’m going to get creative over the weekend! : D

  14. says

    A site that I use and recommend is It offers free, easy-to-use online photo editing. The intended market is scrapbookers, but if you know the dimensions you need, it works beautifully for quote graphics, too.