Three Reasons to Embed Content on Your Blog

Google Plus joined Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, among others, and now allows you to embed Google+ content on your blog.  You’ve been able to embed videos on your blog for years. Now, every social network is jumping on the bandwagon and giving you the option to embed your social posts. Simply find the dropdown button or arrow on a post and look for the option to get the embed code. Then paste that code on your site. [MaAnna Stephenson of BlogAid has created a step-by-step tutorial on how to embed G+ posts.}


Why would you want to embed content on your blog?

1. It’s a fast and easy way to curate content you want to share with your audience. Rather than quoting and linking to a post, you can embed the original content which is respectful of the originating author as their content stays intact.

2. Cross-pollinate your communities. For example, if you post a video on your Facebook page, and you want to attract more fans to your page, embed the video post on your blog to show off what you’re doing on your Page. It’s a safe bet that everyone who subscribes to or finds your blog via search, isn’t already a Facebook fan. Bring them over by embedding a post. [You can substitute “Facebook” with Pinterest, GooglePlus, Twitter, Instagram, etc., if you want to build your communities on those social networks.]

3. Increase engagement with your content. Typically when you embed content from a social site, all the social interaction options are included with the post. More people will have an opportunity to find your social posts and interact with you.

In the example below, embedded from my Google Plus profile, I’m sharing an Auto Awesome image that you would normally only see if you have Circled me. Now, I can embed it and share it with all my blog subscribers too! Cool, right?


Right after I published this article, Stephan Hovnanian posted a great list of “smart uses for Google+ posts. Here it is for your reading pleasure!

What type of content do you embed on your blog? Share how you embed content and include a link in the comments to show us what you’re embedding on your blog.

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    Thanks for the info. I am slowly getting to know google+ and the many features it offers. Businesses nowadays can really make use of social media to promote their businesses and I am really thankful. Will make sure to follow your advice on my next blog post.

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    There is no doubt that Google plus is very effective and important social media site to enhance our business presence on the web which is necessary for every business. In this scenario this option of embed content is very useful and helpful option to optimize any blog’s content.