Graphic Design Resources for Facebook Timeline Cover Images

Do you have a Facebook page for your business? If so, then you probably know Facebook has changed things up and will switching over all pages to the Timeline layout (like your personal profile) on March 30.  There have been hundreds of articles about what you need to do to prepare for the mandatory switch. A selection is included at the end of the article.

What I realized immediately is that now you need to be strategic about how you design the big, billboard-style image dominating your page so you capture your new fans' attention and immediately tell a story about what you do and encourages them to like your page and interact with you.

With this realization came another… if you're not a graphic designer, then you need one. I am most definitely not a designer. Louise Myers of Louise Myers Graphic Design came to my rescue and created a beautiful cover image from a photo I took of Los Angeles and keywords that reflect how I serve my community.

Denise Wakeman on Facebook

Find a Graphic Designer for Your Timeline Cover Image

I reached out to contacts on Facebook, in private groups, on Twitter and my LinkedIn Visibility group and asked designers to share their contact info if they create Timeline cover images.  So many people responded that I've compiled the list from all sources into a spreadsheet you can use to find the perfect designer for you and your business.

The spreadsheet below is posted on Google Docs if you want to view the complete list (feel free to share with your colleagues who may need help too!).

If you are a designer and are not on the list, you're welcome to add your name, URL and email address in the comments below and we'll update the list every few days.

Recommended Reading for Understanding the Facebook Timeline for Business Pages

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7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Businesses by Andrea Vahl on Social Media Examiner

How to Change Your Business Facebook Page’s Timeline App Display by Annie Sisk

28 Things You Need To Know About The New Facebook Pages by Kristi Hines on KISSmetrics

How To Make The Most Of The New Design On Facebook Timeline by SimplyZesty

5 Tricks that Every Marketer Needs to Know to Exploit the New Facebook Page Design by John Jantsch at DuctTapeMarketing

Got a question about how to maximize your new Facebook page? Post it here. If I don't know the answer, I'll find someone who can help you. And, if you have switched your page to the new Timeline format, feel free to post a link to your Page so we can see how you've dealt with the design challenge!

[Please share this post and help your friends and colleagues get the help they may need to create a FABULOUS timeline cover image. Thank you!]

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  1. Patsy Stewart says

    Thanks so much Denise for this comprehensive list!! We would love to be added to the list!!

  2. says

    The list of graphic designers has been updated again to reflect new submissions. If you’re looking for help with designing your Facebook timeline cover image, check out this list of  talented folks.

  3. says

    Thanks for giving your readers an opportunity to share! I’m not crazy about the new 2 column “wall”, but I am loving Timeline cover pic and tabs. I’ve been testing apps, since I can’t say no to any shiny new object in Social Media. What I’m finding is that I prefer a simple iframe app and building the tabs in WordPress when I can. There, I have no limits.

    I would love to be added to your designer list!

  4. says

    Thank you for this resource!  I started switching to the new timeline this weekend, was having a hard time with it.  THANK YOU for giving me a starting point!  

  5. says

  6. says

    Hi Denise,

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s valuable information.

    For those that are just starting out and can’t really afford a graphic designer, you can make use of a free image gallery like (make sure you use only those that do not require attribution though) and use a free photo editor like (which will only be available till April.

    However if you can afford a graphic designer, definitely go for it!

  7. Dubdubdubwebdesign says

    Hi Denise!!

    I am a graphic designer with a web design business. I focus on branding and integrating your brand across all platforms: Website, Twitter page, YouTube page and Facebook pages.

    I am working on my business page this week but you can look at my personal page for ideas.
    The sky is the limit with this format!!

    Very affordable rate…Thank You for the visibility Denise!
    Christine Jenkins

  8. Gruve Design says

  9. Kristina Kerns says

  10. Tracey French says

  11. says

  12. says

    Hi Denise!
    I’m apologize for not getting you my name earlier!  I provide branding and Internet marketing services and love coming up with timeline and other Facebook artwork, as well as skinning YouTube Channels and Twitter Backgrounds.  Thanks for creating such a comprehensive list!  

  13. Lindel says

    Thanks so much , Denise. Great tip and something I hadn’t even thought of. I appreciate you!

  14. says

    Thank you Denise for sharing the information. Much appreciated. With the Facebook  landscape changing almost weekly, I take comfort in knowing you have taken the time to compile a list of resources and making it available for us.

  15. says

    Thanks! Also note: Facebook has made a lot of changes and rules. So make sure your graphic designer is aware of what the rules of Facebook timelines are. Thanks so much for posting this list and including me on it :)

    • says

      Seriously – I’ve read a few pieces earlier this week and late last week that exhorted readers to put “calls to action” in the cover image. To their credit, every time someone pointed out the error, they fixed it promptly – most just hadn’t seen the guidelines, and I have to agree, FB didn’t do a fabulous job disseminating the rules initially. 

      • says

        There’s also the possibility that people are trying to game the system and include a call to action and hope they don’t get caught. That’s my cynical side coming out!

  16. says

    Terrific post Denise! There’s so much changing with Facebook Pages that it’s tough to keep up. Hooking up with the pros in their respective fields sure helps. Great links!

    • says

      Thank you, Louise! And thank you again for the great banner. It’s been featured in several blog posts about great Timeline images. You make me look fabulous!