Testimonials for Denise Wakeman

Testimonial for Denise WakemanFollowing are a selection of the testimonials I’ve received in the last few years working as an online visibility and social marketing mentor, and business blogging consultant. You’re also invited to view my LinkedIn profile for many more endorsements and recommendations.

To learn more about custom consulting programs or how we can work together in my private VIP online marketing coaching program, please contact me through my support desk and we’ll set up an appointment to chat.

Denise is a motivator.  When I started working with her on a one-to-one basis, I had a blog and some vague ideas about what I wanted to accomplish but no workable plan.  With her assistance, encouragement, and “how-to” input, I went from an idea for a book to a published book, a teleseminar, and the production of several bonus incentives.  Denise kept me focused and on a time frame – all coupled with the support I needed.  Two books later, we continue to work together.  I bounce many ideas off of her and all the support and information I need is still available to me – along with gentle encouragement to explore what can be accomplished in the short term and what could be put on the back burner.  What more could I ask for?
~Penelope Klatell, Ph.D., RN

Lynn-KerryI wasn’t sure if I needed a business mentor to help me. I was doing pretty well on my own. I thought a mentor would be an investment that I wasn’t positive would pay off. I just wasn’t sure if it were for me.

Then I saw Denise Wakeman online. I read one of her blog posts and then I hopped on social media and I saw her everywhere! I also liked the advice she was giving freely. So I decided to contact her for a free consultation.

We had a great discussion where Denise told me just what she would help me with and had good answers to all my many marketing/blogging questions. Just one idea she gave me would be worth the investment of hiring her! I took the plunge and she is now my business mentor.

Well, it’s just one week later and Denise and I have met for 6 hours to create my marketing plan for the next 6 months. I have already recouped my investment -with great advice, more subscribers to my list and more visibility with social media. I have even have 10x the number of subscribers I usually get in a week – all from ideas Denise gave me and I implemented just in the first week.

And she is my mentor for 6 months! It’s going to be a profitable relationship, well worth the investment I made and more!

If you are on the fence, you will find that hiring Denise does wonders for your business – whether you are starting out or are already an intermediate marketer. I highly recommend her.

Lynn Kerry, lynnkerry.com

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