Ten Tips for Making Your Hangout on Air Show a Success

Ten Tips for Making Your Hangout on Air Show a SuccessThe interest in developing a Hangout on Air show is increasing daily. I’m seeing books, articles and new shows appearing every week. And with good reason.

Google+ Hangouts on Air are a game changer for small businesses and entrepreneurs. When you produce a successful show, it can be the fastest way to get seen, be heard, build trust and connect with your ideal audience.

The key phrase in that last sentence is “successful show.”  Anyone can set up a Hangout on Air (HOA) and fumble their way through it. And many do, which is not a great experience for the audience.  [Read more…]

8 YouTube Channels for Serious Social Media Marketers

There are two kinds of social media marketers: the casual ones that use the platform to promote their site, and the serious ones who do it as a career itself. The first is unlikely to spend much time really throwing themselves into the whole process, much less learning more to better focus their efforts. But the latter is always hungry for new information, and will spend as much time as it takes to increase their effectiveness in the industry.

All of those serious content marketers can find quite a lot on the web to aid them. But my favorite is personally YouTube, where there are thousands of videos on the subject. These channels are must-subscribe networks for any content marketer wanting to get better at the game.

1. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner

No social media topic would be possible without mentioning Social Media Examiner (which I am happily contributing to by the way). This channel is full of insightful interviews and features.

2. Laura’s Social Media Marketing

Pretty and productive Laura Roeder is a well known name in the world of online marketing in many forms. Her channel is dominated by social media marketing, with more than 100 videos on the subject. She hasn’t been active in a few months, but she frequently takes brief hiatuses. So you can expect her to return soon with more helpful hints. In the meantime, look through her old videos. You won’t be sorry.

3. Black Box

Black Box Social Media are masters at getting a point across quickly and effectively. They never add filler, and many of their videos are less than a minute long…some less than 10 seconds! Others are longer, the longest being just under 8 minutes long. As you can guess, it doesn’t take long to go through the entire library of videos with this one. But they are very informative, showing how to utilize brand recognition through social media.

4. eTelligent Strategies

There are three different video series on this channel: Small Business Highlights, Small Business Marketing Tips and We <3 DC Entrepreneurs. These are all great videos, and they don’t get nearly as much attention as they deserve. I would especially recommend checking out their business tips series.

5. Upside Down Iceberg

From social media metrics to technology for local marketing, this channel has a lot of information presented in an extremely direct and helpful way. They keep it simple, even when dealing with more advanced concepts, and are sure to teach you tons.

6. Denise Wakeman

There’s one thing you need to know about Denise’s advice: it’s always based on what she has really tried and succeeded in. There’s no actual “theory” here: All she writes or speaks about is based on the personal case study.

7. Digital Marketing Videos

What I like about this channel is the personable and interesting ways that they make their videos. I also enjoy how they offer practical advice about related topics to marketing that might not be strictly social media. For example, how to conduct yourself in the corporate world. Be sure to check out their 30 Minute Social Media Marketing series.

8. Creative Social Media Marketing

This is another channel that hasn’t gotten enough attention. They keep the focus on creatively implementing social media marketing into an overall campaign, and the give something I don’t often see on YouTube. If you want something different, you should definitely keep an eye on these guys.


YouTube is an amazing resource for many different genres. If you never considered using it to learn about social media marketing, these channels should give you a way in.

What are some of your own favorite YouTube channels? Let us know in the comments.

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How to Use Annotations with Out-of-Date YouTube Videos

While on a webinar with Online Video Expert Lou Bortone, for the Social Media Biz School, a question came up about deleting out-of-date YouTube videos.

Yes, you can delete your old videos from YouTube, but what if you don’t want to?

Here’s the solution I came up with… [click here if you cannot see the video below]

Got a YouTube video tip? Post it in the comments and if your tip is a video, include the URL so we can watch your video too!

The Fast and Easy Way to Create Online Video

Two billion video views per day. And that's just on YouTube.

Despite the stunning numbers and the data proving online video is not only here to stay but is one of the most powerful tools you can use to create awareness and connect with your audience, there are still holdouts. 

I understand. Though I've been creating videos since 2006, I was reluctant too, at first. Getting started with video can seem overwhelming and confusing. And many find it complicated or quite simply, don't want appear on camera.

If you're a solopreneur, consultant, coach, speaker, author or trainer and you've been reluctant to use video to create content as way to reach your clients and blog audience, there is an easy way! 

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4 Lessons Content Marketers Can Learn from Viral YouTube Videos

This is a guest post by Nadia Jones.

Viral Video on YouTube

Recently, the New York Times featured an article detailing the lives of those whose YouTube videos generated wild—and unexpected—success. The ability of otherwise “normal” people to become instant celebrities on the Internet demonstrates that there is no better time than now to achieve recognition on a national, or even global, scale. Of course, luck is the essential component when making a silly or entertaining video that millions watch and share, but there are several aspects of YouTube videos gone viral that content marketers can learn from. Here are a few lessons:

1. Look for entertainment or enlightenment in the mundane.

One thing that is common to nearly all viral YouTube videos is that they deal with fairly mundane scenarios—a kid coming home from the dentist, a man amazed at seeing a double rainbow, or a pet doing something silly, to name a few examples. What makes these videos interesting is that everyone can relate to each occurrence in some way or another.

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