How to Stay Visible Online When You’re Having an Adventure Offline

How to Stay Visible Online When You’re Having an Adventure Offline

As a solo or small business owner, it can be difficult to get away from your business.  You may feel guilty because generating income is solely your responsibility. Or you worry that people will forget you if you’re not showing up on social networks in your usual way.

I get it. I just spent two weeks in India and as a solo business owner, I had to decide if I would just disappear for awhile and not worry about it, or make a careful plan to stay visible online. I’m sure you can guess that I chose the later.

I developed a two-prong strategy for staying visible while I was on vacation. You can easily do this, too. [Read more…]

How Do You Create a Visible Presence on the Web?

"Get an Online Visibility Boost with 7 Easy-to-Implement Tips!"How to create a visible presence on the Web is a conversation I have with at least one person every day. The options are endless; there are myriad tools, and even more tactics you can employ. 

How do you choose and more importantly how do you know what do? That’s the question that needs to be answered if you expect to have a profitable online business.

Since 2004 I’ve been addressing the visibility challenge for online entrepreneurs. With every new social network, new strategies and tactics are required. It’s an evolving and ever-changing challenge. And when social marketing is not the core of your business, much less your expertise, it’s an even bigger challenge. [Read more…]

Want More Visibility for Your Blog on Twitter? Nestivity May be the Answer

Does this sound familiar? You love Twitter but you wish you could have better conversations with your community of followers about what you publish on your blog?  Even with a great tool like Hootsuite and creating niche lists of people, subjects and hashtags, sometimes the stream flows so fast it’s difficult to keep track of conversations and get beyond “Thanks for the retweet.”

That’s where Nestivity comes in and may be a good solution for you. I’ve been experimenting with it for a couple of days and it looks promising when you want to explore a blog-related topic or question in depth with your Twitter community.

Nestivity is in public beta and bills itself as “community with Twitter.”

Nestivity turns your Twitter handle into a “Nest”, a place for you to connect with your followers in a more organized and structured way.

You can get a free account or upgrade for more features and you sign in to your account with Twitter.

In a nutshell, you create “projects” which consist of discussions related to a project topic. Discussions can be inspired by a tweet or blog post or a question. You have the option to add images. A unique URL is created for the discussion and included with your tweets and those of the community who respond.

I’m experimenting with a discussion around a blog post about creativity published on The Future of Ink:

By using the embed feature, you can put the discussion on your blog, encouraging your readers to participate by clicking on the “tweet a comment” button.  This is a big deal for bloggers since you have an opportunity to get more visibility for your blog posts. They can spread further and attract new readers to your site. You’ll also meet new people on Twitter who are  interested in your content. Nestivity makes is easy to follow people who participate in your discussions.

To get set up and started on Nestivity, I refer you  to a thorough how-to post by Kristi Hines at Kikolani. Why recreate the wheel, right?

I’d love to know what you think about Nestivity. Does it look like a tool you’ll use? Check out the discussion I’ve posted about creativity and then post a comment so you can experience how it works for yourself.

What’s Your Path to More Online Visibility?

inca-trail-peruHere’s what I’ve been thinking about lately…there are many paths to building your visibility on the Web. In fact, there are so many paths that it can seem overwhelming, confusing, complicated and downright unpleasant.

I don’t know about you, but if I find a task to be complicated and unpleasant, I have little desire to do it. I procrastinate and do a half-a**ed job at whatever it is I’m “supposed” to be doing.

Yet, when it comes to building your presence and visibility on the Web, you’ve got to do the work, no matter how confusing, or your ideal client has a tough time finding you, right? I have several clients experiencing these feelings right now and that’s what got me thinking about how I can help them have fun and enjoy their online marketing and building visibility.

Here’s the deal…you don’t have to do it all.

Love connecting on Facebook? Focus your efforts there. Learn the strategies and tactics to make it really work for you. Go all in and master Facebook.

Love to write? Focus on your blog. Create an editorial calendar that reflects how you serve your ideal clients. Lay out the path you want them to follow that will solve their problems and write, write, write.

Love photography? Figure out how you can create images that reflect the work you do. Use image editing or quote sites and combine pithy quotes or tips from your work with your images and share them on Pinterest and Facebook.

Get the idea? When you are engaging with your friends and followers in a joyful way that expresses exactly who you are and how you serve, you will grow your networks organically and attract the right people to your business. When you are forcing yourself to use tools you dislike, your followers will get that and abandon you. Doing for the sake of doing will not get you as far as you wish to go. Engaging with joy and fun will beat doing what you’re “supposed” to do every time.

Boosting your online visibility requires commitment and consistent action.


If your commitment is low and your activity is inconsistent because you’re overwhelmed with online marketing, try this for the next 30 days…

  1. Make a list and evaluate all the tactics you’re currently using to boost your visibility on the web. Rank each tactic from 1 to 5, 5 being something you really enjoy doing; give a 1 to tactics you despise.
  2. Pick the top three tactics which you ranked a 5 or 4.
  3. Order your list of three tactics with your most favorite at the top of the list.
  4. For the next 30 days, focus on mastering that one marketing tactic: how do you use it to grow your email list; how do you get more engagement from your network; what’s the best content to create; etc. If you need to invest in a program to learn more about that tool, do it. If you would benefit from one on one coaching, then make the investment.
  5. As time permits, experiment with the two remaining tactics on your list. However, if you time is limited, simply focus on your #1 tactic.
  6. At the end of 30 days, report back and let me know what you experienced how this exercise worked for you.

What’s the point of this exercise?

Building a successful business, using the Web to attract the right clients, shouldn’t make you unhappy, overwhelmed and anxious. What’s the point, if that’s how you feel?

My desire for you is to feel excitement,  joy, an endorphin rush when you share your important work. There are many paths to get there. Find and choose the path that flows for you and enables you to express your joy to your audience so they WANT to be part of your community and jump on board to work with YOU!

Not sure what path to take?
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