How to Successfully Launch a Podcast | Adventures in Visibility with Jason T. Wiser

Jason T Wiser In this episode of Adventures in Visibility, I’m pleased to welcome Jason T. Wiser. Recently Jason launched a podcast to accompany his popular Hangout show, Get on Track, Stay on Track. In order for a podcast to get traction these days, you’ve got to create a lot of buzz so you hit the New and Noteworthy chart in iTunes and get a lot of extra visibility.

In this show, Jason and I discuss how to successfully launch a podcast, what he did, how it worked and what he learned.  [Read more…]

How to Use Podcasting to Build Your Visibility | Adventures in Visibility with Ellen Britt

Dr. Ellen BrittPodcasting is new again! Everyday I hear about from a colleague that they have started a podcast and are looking for guests to interview. Why should you start a podcast? How can a podcast help you build your visibility and business? That’s what Ellen Britt and I talk about during this Adventure in Visibility.

On the Hangout Ellen and I discuss: [Read more…]

4 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast Now


By now, you’ve probably heard the news…

podcasting online radio

podcasting is taking off like a rocket ship!

As an online entrepreneur, you have a tremendous opportunity to leverage this platform to get your content, your brand and your marketing message out to a wider audience.

 There are four primary reasons podcasting is making such a huge resurgence, but before I get to those, let’s take a quick look at how podcasting stands up to a couple of the largest tried and true platforms.

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How to Use Audio to Build Your Platform

Content marketing with audio is making a comeback. Way back in 2005 or so, podcasting hit the online scene and there was a flurry of activity. Many podcasts were started and then died. Now, in the last six months or so, I’ve noticed a big uptick in the number of online publishers adding podcasting to their content marketing mix. What’s old is new again…

But this post isn’t about podcasting. It’s about making money by using audio to build your platform – your online presence and visibility to attract more traffic, leads, clients and make more money by adding another income stream to your business.

Specifically, the following audio post by my good friend Daniel Hall, is about creating audio books from your existing content, and selling it on Amazon, just like you sell your ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle site. Pretty cool.

How to Use Audio to Build Your Platform
(16:53 min)

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