Adventures in Visibility – Using Short Form Video to Get Your Message Out [video]

Lou Bortone on Adventures in VisibilityIn this episode of Adventures in Visibility, my colleague Lou Bortone and I discussed short form video and how to integrate it into your marketing mix. By “short form” we are referring to the recent rage for using tools like Vine for six second videos and Instagram to create fifteen second videos.

These and other video tools mentioned in the video (links below), are an excellent way to create microcontent to create awareness, visibility and drive traffic to your long form content, your offers and your business. [Read more…]

How to Repurpose Your Facebook Photo Albums into Videos

It doesn’t take much to distract me so when I received an email from Animoto inviting me to create a video of the best of 2012 from my Facebook photo albums, I was hooked.

Animoto is a cool online video tool that makes it easy to create videos by simply uploading photos, choosing a sound track, adding text and clicking a button to produce the video.

Now, you can click a button and their Best of 2012 app connects to your Facebook profile to create a video from a random selection of the images you’ve uploaded over the year. Once the video is produced, you can preview and edit. It takes about two minutes.

I immediately created a video and edited it to include only videos from my recent trek in Peru, to Machu Picchu. Once complete, it’s easy to share the video on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

[Click here if you cannot see the video in your feedreader.]

This is a fun, fast and easy way to repurpose your Facebook photo albums into videos and get more visibility for your brand and business.

If you create a Best of 2012 video, post the link in the comments so we can see what you were up to in 2012!

How to Use Annotations with Out-of-Date YouTube Videos

While on a webinar with Online Video Expert Lou Bortone, for the Social Media Biz School, a question came up about deleting out-of-date YouTube videos.

Yes, you can delete your old videos from YouTube, but what if you don’t want to?

Here’s the solution I came up with… [click here if you cannot see the video below]

Got a YouTube video tip? Post it in the comments and if your tip is a video, include the URL so we can watch your video too!

7 Simple Strategies to Profit from Video Marketing [webinar replay]

Online video helps you sell more…

  • Adding video to your email marketing can increase click-through rates by 96%
  • Having a video on your website makes it 53X more likely that you’ll appear on Page 1 of Google’s seach results
  • Consumers who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy products compared to those who don’t watch a video (Internet Retailer)
  • Watching one minute of video is the equivalent of reading 1.8 million words! (Forrester Research)

In a free webinar with my good friend, colleague and video marketing strategist, Lou Bortone, we covered seven ways you can use video to boost your visibility, credibility and profitabilty. If you missed the webinar, you're in luck. Lou gave me permission to share the replay with you [click the image below].

7 Simple Strategies to Profit with Video Marketing
There's some chit chat at the beginning of the video. The content starts at about minute 2:57 and lasts about an hour with the Q&A at the end.
Of the seven strategies Lou reveals, I'd love to know which ones you are not currently doing and which ones you're going to integrate into your online marketing. For me, I've never done personal email videos and I think that will be a huge value add when I want to follow up with new people I meet and prospects. Let me know in the comments which strategy you're going to implement this week! :-)
And, Lou made a very generous offer. If you want to learn more about online video strategies, production, presence, video products and marketing techniques, snag a copy of his Video Bunch program featuring 9 video experts. At $97, the deal Lou offers is a steal and features training by James Wedmore, Pam Brossman, Ruth Sherman, Perry Lawrence, Sherman Hu, Lon Naylor, Rob Schultz, Hani Mourra, and of course, Lou Bortone. Get The Video Bunch program and start profiting from your online video marketing now.