Top Tips and Quotes About Listly from Nick Kellet [interview]

Awhile back I did a video interview on Skype with Nick Kellet, co-founder of Unfortunately, the quality of the audio was not up to snuff so I did not post it. However, I did get it transcribed.

As I was editing the transcript [lots of inaudibles] I was highlighting tips and quotes I thought were particularly useful and relevant. Then, I realized the quotes would make a great list!

While I have pulled out my selection of the top tips and quotes about Listly from the interview with Nick Kellet, he covered much more than what I’ve put in the list.   Included at the bottom of the post is a pdf of the entire interview which also includes links to many popular lists Nick mentioned.  You’re invited to add your own favorite quotes or tips about using Listly that you find in the interview!

Top Tips and Quotes about @Listly from Nick Kellet
Top Tips and Quotes about @Listly from Nick Kellet

Denise Wakeman Top Tips and Quotes about @Listly from Nick Kellet

Listly by Denise Wakeman

Highlights, quotes and tips from an interview with Nick Kellet, co-founder of Feel free to vote on your favorite tip!


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