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Peg Fitzpatrick and Guy Kawasaki on Adventures in VisibilityThis Adventure in Visibility is a celebration of the launch of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users, co-authored by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick

The book covers a wide range of social media strategies, tactics and power tips. For this Adventure in Visibility we honed in on how to manage your social content so you get optimal visibility. [Read more…]

Digital Publishing Trends for Online Entrepreneurs [audio]

Digital publishing in all its varied forms, is the currency of the Web and the means by which you boost your visibility, enhance your credibility and attract the right prospects to your business.

Recently, I was interviewed by MaAnna Stephenson of about the trends in digital publishing I’m seeing and implementing.  You can listen online or download the MP3 to your preferred listening device.

Your Blog As Centerpiece of Business on Kindle FireMP3 File
( 50 minutes)

Transcript coming soon.

MaAnna and I talked about various tools you can use to easily create and repurpose content that will help you expand your reach and drive more traffic to your primary home on the Web (guess what that is!).

Guy-Kawasaki-quoteFor most clients I recommend starting with an ebook created from your existing blog content. The purpose is to demonstrate that it’s easy and you don’t need to recreate the wheel, start from scratch, and can get published on Amazon’s Kindle site quickly.  Here’s a list of some of the tools I use and recommend for getting started.

To fast track your digital publishing education, check out the inaugural Digital Publishing Online Intensive. It’s not too late to join and get replays from the Digital Trends Panel discussion, keynote by Guy Kawasaki on How to Publish a Book, and training webinar on The ABC’s of Creating Digital Content by Sue Painter. 12 more training webinars are being presented throughout the month of March.


The Top 10 Reasons to Self-Publish [Infographic]

It’s no secret that when you choose to self-publish your content, you’re no longer considered vain or a loser because no main stream publisher would publish your book. Self-publishing is a smart decision for many online entrepreneurs and business owners who want to move fast and retain control and profits from their work.

The trend towards new ways to publish and build credibility and visibility with your work, is one reason Ellen Britt and I launched The Future of Ink last year. It’s also why we’re presenting the inaugural Digital Publishing Online Intensive (DPOI).

Guy KawasakiThe Keynote Speaker for DPOI is Guy Kawasaki, author of the new bestselling book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book. Guy is the perfect choice to kick off the event. If you’re the least bit interested in how you can capitalize on the self-publishing trend to get your message out to the world, then I recommend you pick up a copy of APE (or get it as a bonus when you register for DPOI!).

If you’re not convinced self-publishing is the way to go, maybe Kawasaki’s infographic below will change your mind…

Artisanal Publishing