11 Reasons Why I Love Google Plus (and why you will too!)

I’m making an assumption that after you read this post, if you’re not already enamored with Google+, you’ll be inspired to get on board and explore how the social network can boost your visibility and your business.

11 Reasons Why I Love Google+ And You Will Too!

You may already know I’m a self-confessed Google FanGirl. I’ve been shouting from the virtual roof tops about how great Google+ is for more than two years…on webinars, in Hangouts and at speaking gigs. I’ve taught classes and work with private clients to get them up and running on Google+ with a strategic plan. 

Yet, I’m still asked daily why in the heck someone should add yet another social platform to their already overwhelming marketing plan. [Read more…]

Ten Tips for Making Your Hangout on Air Show a Success

Ten Tips for Making Your Hangout on Air Show a SuccessThe interest in developing a Hangout on Air show is increasing daily. I’m seeing books, articles and new shows appearing every week. And with good reason.

Google+ Hangouts on Air are a game changer for small businesses and entrepreneurs. When you produce a successful show, it can be the fastest way to get seen, be heard, build trust and connect with your ideal audience.

The key phrase in that last sentence is “successful show.”  Anyone can set up a Hangout on Air (HOA) and fumble their way through it. And many do, which is not a great experience for the audience.  [Read more…]

How to Create a Highly Visible Presence on Google+ – Adventures in Visibility with Stephan Hovnanian

Stephan Hovnanian on How to Create a Highly Visible Presence on Google+After a rocky start with a major technical gremlin, in this episode of Adventures in Visibility, I talked with my colleague and friend, Stephan Hovnanian of Shovi Websites.

Our topic of the day was how to create more visibility on Google+, not so coincidentally the title of Stephan’s latest ebook in his Google+ Pro Tips series. We also discovered the answer to the question: Introvert or Extrovert as well as Stephan’s most memorable adventure (at 41:37 in the video below).

Stephan Hovnanian owns Shovi Websites, a web design and marketing firm located outside Boston, Massachusetts. Stephan has always stressed the importance of strategy and intent when building and managing the web presences of his clients, and Google+ is no different. 

Stephan is a real-life example of a personal brand that uses Google+ for networking and marketing. His strategies have increased his web traffic and search ranking; opened up opportunities for speaking gigs and webinars; and brought in contributions to high-profile blogs such as MarketingProfs and 12 Most. [Read more…]

I’m A Google Fangirl – Here’s Why

I'm a Google FangirlI admit it. And recently I shouted it out loud on a webinar or podcast interview. I’m a Google Fangirl. Yep, I love Google, especially Google+.

Every day, Google+ gets better, especially if you’re doing business online. And if you want to amplify your visibility and message to a wider audience, well, there’s no better social platform on the Web. IMHO.

Let me demonstrate for you the power of using a platform with so many integrated elements, by sharing a sequence of events and posts that have been creating a lot of buzz for the last four days (from the date of this post). [Read more…]

Ten Visibility Tips for Google Plus [#infographic]

Guest post by

Note from Denise: I LOVE Google+ and I’ve met many smart, generous people on the social network. Stephan Hovnanian is one of them. I’ve hosted three Hangouts with Stephan to introduce you to his brilliance and to the power of the G+ community.  After you study Stephan’s infographic, scroll to the end to learn about two training webinars I’m presenting to help you get started on Google Plus.

UPDATE: Stephan has published several Kindle ebooks on Google+ Pro Tips, including one on How to Get More Visibility on Google+.

Stephan HovnanianTen Visibility Tips for Google Plus

You joined Google+ because everyone is telling you what an amazing platform it is to make an impact, to stand out and be recognized for the authority you have (or are building) in your field of expertise.

So you’ve filled out your profile and are rocking a killer cover photo, now what? Google+ will suggest people for you to follow, maybe you added some, joined a few communities, and started posting links to your blog. Is it working? Are you getting people to notice you?
If not, don’t fret. One of the hardest parts with any new platform (although everybody likes to point the finger at Google+) is finding the right circles to hang out in. Getting the right mix of people to notice you, take you under their wing, and start to recognize you for the authority that you are. So, here is an infographic that gives you 10 ways to boost your visibility on Google+ and get the attention you deserve.
 (Aside: it’s kind of interesting how “finding the right circles to hang out in” comes so naturally, and yet Google+ uses both Circles and Hangouts as features of their platform. That is definitely not by chance)
 10 Google Plus Visibility Tips Infographic
10 Tips for More Visibility on Google+
  1. Understand Your Audience Reach
  2. “Hand out” your hovercard (it shows up more than you think)
  3. Engage in Comments first
  4. Reimagine your content (here are 12 creative ways)
  5. Use Social Listening techniques (here’s a real life example)
  6. Use citations and attribution (it’s like a blog trackback)
  7. Hop into “What’s Hot”
  8. Ask Questions
  9. Be Yourself! Be Genuine! (Jaana Nyström says it best here)
  10. Take time to understand the platform
Using these techniques will help you grow the reach of your profile. Be sure to put a focus on post quality so people always expect your name (and comments) to be synonymous with excellence. It’s a tall order, and of course you can let your hair down once in a while, but you came to Google+ to use it as a platform to make an impact, and these tips will help you on your way.  
Google-PlusTo get started using Google+ to boost your online visibility, join me for two on-demand training webinars
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