Get a Little Love for Your Blog – Your Valentine Gift

Your Blog As Centerpiece of Business on Kindle Fire

It's Valentine's Day and I want to share some blogging love with you!

If you missed the gift in December, you have another opportunity…

For two days (February 14 and 15) you can get my Kindle ebook "How to Make Your Blog the Centerpiece of Your Business" for free on your Kindle!

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I have one invitation and two favors to ask if you get the ebook:

1. If you'd like a virtual autograph (Kindlegraph) for your ebook, click here (it's cool!)
2. Click the orange "Like" button at the top of the page
3. Write a quick review of the ebook, or post a video review
4. Scroll down the page until you see the Tags. Check off the "blogging" tag and click to Accept. (I'm doing an experiment. Supposedly, the more people who aggree with a tag, the higher visibilty the ebook gets)

If you got the ebook in December, please share this post with others in your network who could benefit from the business blogging tips…

Thank you, enjoy and blog on!

P.S. You don't need a Kindle to get the ebook. You can download the free Kindle reading app for your computer, iPad or smart phone here.

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10 Reasons Why Your Website is Losing Visitors

Do you know if your website is losing visitors? 

Recently, I was interviewed by a reporter who was writing an article about businesses losing website visitors [you can substitute “blog” for website]. 
The first question she asked was interesting. She asked if companies know if they’re losing visitors. That was provocative because I hadn’t looked at the question that way. I would be willing to bet that most companies and individuals do not know that they’re losing visitors. And if they do know, they don’t know why. 
The companies that do know they’re losing website visitors are the smart ones because they are using analytics software on their site (like Google Analytics) so they can track things like the bounce rate which indicates the percentage of visitors who leave your site from the page they entered without clicking through to additional pages. A high bounce rate indicates your content didn’t match the visitor’s expectation so they clicked off your site.
We went on to talk about various ways I believe businesses lose web visitors. When I refer to a business, I mean you as a small business owner, solo professional or entrepreneur as well as large companies. 
I came up with a list of 10 ways  business websites may be losing visitors… 
1. No clear purpose for the site. The first real problem is that the company or business owner is not clear about the purpose or outcomes that they want from their site. If you’re not clear about what your site is about, what you outcomes you want or what the content is going to be to support the purpose, then it’s a good bet your visitor is going to be confused too and they’re not going to hang around for very long. 

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How to Profit From Your Blog [Guest Post]

You know how I love repurposing blog content? If you can leverage your blog posts, get them seen on two of the largest sites on the Web AND make money, that sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Well that's the expertise of my guest blogger, Daniel Hall . In this post he shares how a repurposed blog post became an Amazon Kindle bestseller! And, how you can learn to do it too on Amazon and Barnes and Noble's Nook! I've done this and have several ebooks for sale now on Kindle. Next up is getting them published on Nook. [Be sure to read the end of this post to find out details about a free webinar on how to publish on the Nook eReader.]

Daniel-Hall Your Blog Becomes A Bestseller?
By Daniel Hall

I have been blogging for about five years.  Not consistently.  Just anytime I had something to say or contribute or promote.  Often times – because I am all about getting the biggest bang for my buck – I will take my blog posts and re-purpose them. 

That is, I will turn posts into articles and distribute them in the article directories.  I will also arrange to republish the piece as a guest post. Sometimes I will convert the post into a PowerPoint and make what is in effect a video article which is then posted on YouTube and other video portals.

So, as you can tell, I love re-purposing content. 

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6 Steps to Implementing Big Ideas Successfully [webinar replay]

Whether it's a big idea, your blog, a product, a service, your business, your fitness plan…. there are some key steps you can take that will help accelerate your progress and boost your chances for success. I co-hosted a webinar with David Perdew, the founder of the Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshop (NAMS), and we walked through the steps and showed how they apply to your business blogging strategy. David also revealed a fascinating case study about how he applied this method when he created NAMS and as a result the event has gone from a small training workshop for his affiliates to a 3 day mega training with 300 students in just a couple of years!

Here's the complete replay (about an hour – if you can't see the video below in your feed reader, click here). 


This just a taste of the type of training you'll get at NAMS. The next NAMS workshop is coming up in Atlanta, August 19-22. I'm honored to be on the faculty (go to the website to see all the top marketing experts who are teaching as well) and this will be my third event. I'm telling you this because the early bird registration fee and 3-pay plan end on May 31. Right now you can register to attend this stellar event for only $297 (use code 100Special to save $100). And, if you watched the webinar to the end, then you heard my very special offer for you…

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How to Maintain Visibility with Your Blog Audience [Recommended Reading]

You've probably heard a million times that "the money is in the list." And, it is true. Without a list, it's pretty much impossible to build a community of fans who will invest in your programs and services. While you may have an email list and send out an email newsletter or free ecourse, are you using your blog to build a list a well?

This is a huge mistake I often run into on blogs I review…No way for readers to subscribe to get blog updates by email even though email is still preferred by a big margin over RSS. Based on 14 years experience I recommend that part of your visibility strategy include email and specifically blog updates by email. After all, the goal is to encourage visitors to subscribe, get your updates when new content is posted, return to your blog and eventually take action on your offers. Email is one of the most effective ways to keep you visible to your audience.

There are many services that provide blog to email delivery. My long time favorite is Feedblitz because of the depth of features they offer. My favorite feature is the ability to send an automated welcome email and link to a page to download a gift.

Regardless of what list system you use, setting up an email list, managing it, using it ethically, and promoting it can be confusing and overwhelming. That's why I love Phil Hollows, CEO of Feedblitz. He has just released a detailed, comprehensive ebook called List Building for Bloggers. I had the privilege of reviewing the book and I was blown away by the level of detail Phil goes into around three core strategies:

  1. Building your audience
  2. Increasing engagement with your audience
  3. Growing your income

Here’s what you get:

  • Ten Power Tips to turn your blog into a rocking-socking, butt-kicking, inbox-busting, fully automated email marketing and subscriber retention system.
  • Three case studies so you can avoid the mistakes even the Big Guys make (these are really eye-opening!)
  • Easily actionable tips to grow both list quality and quantity.
  • Chapters on autoresponders so you can market while you sleep, custom fields for personalization, and how to avoid spam traps.
  • All in easy to understand plain English!

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