Audiobook Cash Flow Fast and Easy [webinar replay]

When Daniel Hall shared his new webinar, Audio Cash Flow Fast and Easy, I was truly surprised at how easy it really is to get an audiobook posted on Amazon for sale. Not that I doubted Daniel because he always delivers exactly what he says he will, but in fact it is easier than I thought it would be.

Daniel Hall shared one of many ways to get your content converted to audio and posted for sale. He showed step by step how to record your Kindle ebooks (or any written content) and then how to create the audio files in the proper format so you can post and sell the audio on Amazon.

Here’s the video replay of the webinar. It is available for you to view for ONLY 5 DAYS. The video will be taken down on December 16 at midnight Eastern Time.

 If you have questions about the Real Fast Audio Book webinar or the generous offer that Daniel makes at the end, please post them in the comments.

If you invest in the Real Fast Audio Book Program, I will include a bonus as well, complimentary access to my program Harness The Power of Your Blog: How to Generate More Leads and Build Your List with Your Blog ($47 value).