5 Awesome Tools for Pinterest Power Users

Are you a Pinterest Power User? I confess. I'm really getting into Pinterest. While I'm mostly focused on using it as a business tool – to find and share great blogging and marketing content – I do enjoy spending a few minutes a day browsing through the images of food, jewelry and gorgeous places. I also make a conscious effort to go beyond business and share a bit of my personal tastes, what inspires me, where I want to travel, and recommended reading. 

You probably already know Pinterest is a great fit with blogging (and getting more traffic). And, if you're anything like me, you've only got so many hours in the day and you want to maximize the time and impact you can make with Pinterest.

I've been experimenting with a some very cool Pinterest tools and apps I've found that make my pinning easier, faster and now, give me better information about how my pins are working for me.

5 Tools for Pinterest Power Users

1. The "Pin It" Button

Don't underestimate this button. It's the #1 way I do my pinning precisely because it is fast and easy. Go to the Pinterest Goodies page and simply drag and drop the button onto your bookmarks tool bar. If you're using Chrome, here's a video to show you how to add it: Then, any time you find a great image and article to share, click the Pin It button and go.

2. Pinerly

I finally received my invitation to use this new site. Pinerly is still in the beta phase and you can only get in by invitation as of writing this post. Pinerly has a lot of potential. It's an analytics tool for your pins. You create campaigns for your pins and then track clicks, likes and comments. With this information you can determine the best times for you to pin as well as see what type of content gets the best results with your audience. In the screenshot below, you'll see I just set up my first campaign so there's not much data but I think you'll get the idea of the kind of information you will get. The only drawback to Pinerly is that you must pin your images and URLs from Pinerly so it can do the analytics for you.

Pinerly Analytics

3. Url2Pin.it and Screen2Pin

These two tools give you the ability to pin a webpage vs. an image. The tools grab a screen shot of whatever URL you enter so you can pin the screenshot. Screen2Pin is a Chrome extension for Url2Pin. I use it to pin blogs I read and recommend.


4. Pin A Quote

Quotes are hugely popular on Pinterest. Now you can create your own quote inspired images with Pin A Quote.  Highlight text on a webpage you want to quote, click the Pin A Quote button (after you drag it to your bookmarks toolbar) and pin it. The free version is basic: grey text on a white background.  For $1.99 you can upgrade to Pin A Quote Pro and customize your pins with colored backgrounds and different fonts. 

Source: facebook.com via Denise on Pinterest



5. Pinvolve

Ever wonder how you can get posts on your Facebook page pinned? Try Pinvolve, a Facebook application that creates a Pinterest style board for your status updates that include images. This gives you the opportunity to link pins back to your Facebook page and attract new fans. After you install the app, when your fans click on it and hover over an update, they'll see a Pin It button. I would also suggest if you are posting status updates with images, that you pin them as well.


What's your favorite Pinterest Power Tool? Have you tried any of the tools in this post? I'd love to know your experience with Pinterest and the tools you're using to get more traffic and engagement from your pins.

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  1. says

    Leslie, thanks for sharing the info about Share As Image (Pin A Quote). I discovered that a couple of days ago and forgot to post it.

  2. says

    The webinar was great Denise. I’m just starting to check out Pinterest more to see if it has any impact on traffic to my blog and PLR store. It will be interesting to see, since I don’t think of these as something that Pinterest users would click on. Meanwhile, I installed the screen 2 pin extension and started a board that has my other recommended PLR stores, then just substituted in my affiliate links for those stores. I’ll have to check out Pinerly so I can see some stats!

  3. Mike Ames says

    Great post Denise – was wondering how to get screen images into Pinterest. Brilliant!

  4. says

    Thank you Denise! Thanks to your generosity, I just found out about and am now using URL2Pin and Screen2Pin. Whee! Love the practical advice!

  5. says

    I’m a Pinreach fan also. Although I requested an invite to Pinerly, they haven’t accepted me yet. The FB app sounds promising. Will try that one. Thanks for a great post.

  6. says

    Denise thank you for this great education on Pinterest.  I’ve been using it and have noticed an influx of people to my blog and other social sites.  While reading this, I just installed Pinvolve  I thank you especially for that tip!
    Donna Merrill

  7. Susan Newman says

    Denise, So far I absolutely love Pinterest and have tried out url2pin (which didn’t seem all that great? unless I haven’t really tried it enough) but absolutely love and think this Facebook tool Pinvolve is awesome! Will add it to lots of pages! Thanks, Susan

  8. says

    Hi Denise, I signed up for Pinerly but I didn’t get a chance to explore it yet. I’ve used PinAQuote and I really like that one for sharing quotes on Facebook too. Pinvolve is really hot, thanks so much. I love how this shows all the cool pics I’ve shared over on Facebook – let’s me know I’m doing something right because most of them have likes. Thanks Denise, have a great weekend. 

  9. says

    Thank you for the list Denise! I am new to Pinterest and still learning the ropes.  I am going to check these out.  I have some setting up to do with my account and I will be good to go.

  10. says

    Thanks Denise
     Nice list. I use Pinerly, Pin A Quote, Pin It Button, Pinstamatic and Pin Reach.  I am off to look at Screen2Pin and then Pinvolve. Pinvolve I am really looking forward to trying.  You’re  pinomenal!