YouTube Search Stories – Tell Your Story in 35 Seconds

Last year YouTube debuted a video creation tool called Search Stories. The idea is that every search tells a story. It's super simple to use and outputs a 35 second video – with sound track – that tells your story via Google search results.

You enter up to 7 search terms. You then select whether results are from all Web pages, images, blogs, Google maps, news, products or books. A screen shot of what will show in the video is provided so you can decide if the search tells the right story.This works the best if you have a lot of search results on your name, business name, and lots of images posted around the web and of course they need to be tagged appropriately so they come up in your search queries.

Next step is to add a music track, then click a button and the video is generated and you can load it to YouTube and share with the world.

Inspired by Mari Smith, I played around with Search Stories and created a total ego video created by searches on my name and blogs. It's fun and if you're creative, you can develop a great search story about your company, products, services and events.

Here's the Denise Wakeman vanity video… 😉

What's your search story? How would you feature your business, blog or products?

Create a YouTube search story and then post the link to your video here in the comments. I'd love to see what you come up with and give you a visibility boost by giving your video a thumbs up or making it a favorite or commenting.

A Quick Lesson in How to Create Online Visibility with Video

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