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Denise in Amaru Village with Rufina Cruz CcanaIf you’ve been following me around the Web for at least the past year, you know I’m passionate about Peru. I made two trips in the space of three months, both of which changed my life in many profound ways. You can read about my trek to Machu Picchu and the Peruvian Amazon, but what I want to share with you now is the experience I had on my second visit, to Amaru, what’s become my passion project.

High in the Peruvian Andes, about two hours north of the sprawling city of Cusco, Peru, is Amaru Village, the tiny mountain home of a cooperative of Quechua (pre-Inca culture) women who work together weaving and providing an authentic ‘homestay’ experience for travelers who want to stray off the beaten path.

The ladies of Amaru are budding entrepreneurs, learning how to create and run a hospitality business, as well as sell the gorgeous woven items they create.

After spending two days in the village at the home of Rufina Cruz Ccana, president of the womens’ cooperative, I longed to bring back a little bit of this enchantment and beauty to my friends and colleagues.


During my stay in Amaru, the ladies patiently showed me how to find and gather the special plants they use to create natural dyes for the wool they card, spin and dye, before hand weaving it into gorgeous belts, clothes and bags.

I was simply entranced as I watched them dye and spin the wool, then create and weave their intricately beautiful patterns that unfolded like multicolored magic before my eyes.

Working with my Peruvian guide, Silver Ballón Valenzuela, and my dear colleague Ellen Britt, we have commissioned the ladies of Amaru to create a special Pink Coattails woven pouch just for you. This 6” x 10” pouch is made of hand-woven wool dyed using plants native to Amaru.

(click here if you cannot see the photo album with pictures from Amaru)

It’s my dream of helping this cooperative of Peruvian women realize their dream of building viable businesses which can help to support themselves and their families, while allowing them to preserve their way of life and culture.

You can help me help my friends by ordering one or more of these special pouches. You can get all the details here. The offer is only available through Sunday, September 15. Then we’ll place our order with the ladies.

Thank YOU, for supporting these wonderful women weavers as they expand their entrepreneurial skills to provide for themselves and their families!

Just go to this URL to get your hand woven pouch.

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    Love it Denise-the bags are beautiful — the mission — incredible! It is great to see women entrepreneurs world wide. The impact is vast. It goes beyond the women, to their families, communities…Its great to see your reach as a mentor and entrepreneur! An inspiration.