How to Increase Online Visibility for Your Business [video interview]

Recently I was interviewed by Torrey McGraw about increasing online visibility for your business. Torrey hosts video interviews on his blog Grind & Thrive, where he features articles and interviews with successful entrepreneurs to help others thrive in their own businesses. 

Torrey McGraw and I spent about 30 minutes discussing the ins and outs of boosting visibility on the web for your business. With Torrey's permission, here's the interview…

If you prefer to download the audio file for your mp3 player, or read the transcript of the interview, you can download both files on Torrey's site.

What tips for increasing online visibility for your business would you add?

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  1. says

    Social media will also increase our chance of being found online especially if we are entrepreneurs looking for more customers.   I knew of several freelance creative directors and writers who got new clients just by a having a presence in those popular social media sites;)   

  2. says

    Fabulous interview Torrey: Great points, Denise – Facebook is not the house, your blog/website is.  Facebook is the coffee shop.  Also, unless folks are engaging with you on FB, your comments are not showing up in your Fans’ newsfeeds.  I also like your reminder to stay consistent in a thoughtful, engaged way.  Favorite actionable tip: – for audio/iTunes!  Evernote looks great, too!  Curating content is something I do all the time for BBD – and I rely on you for the same – thanks! OPC – love it!  Finally, the Google+ insights were terrific.   Cheers!  Andrea Lyons – from the Boost Your Online Visibility Group

  3. says

    Love this interview Denise!  You give so many great tips for increasing your online visibility.  Torrey looked seriously worried when you told him that people may not see your Facebook post.

    • says

      Thanks for watching the interview, Nicky.  A lot of people don’t understand how Facebook visibility works and I don’t blame them. It’s very complicated and takes a lot of consistent effort to maintain visibility in the newsfeed.