How to Help Your Audience Use Your Content [#CoolTool]

Cool Tool! How to Help Your Audience Use Your ContentHow do you encourage and help your audience use your content? It’s a big frustration for many product creators, as well as coaches and consultants who produce fantastic training programs and then discover that only a small percentage of the people who try or buy, actually use your product.

You spend a lot of time carefully creating a product, e-course, step by step guide…

You promote your “thing”…

People sign up to get your “thing”…

Now what? How can you ensure your new client or prospect actually uses the content you have lovingly created for them to get a big transformation in their business or life?

How can you help your audience use your content?

At a retreat, one of my colleagues mentioned an app she created to help her reach a goal of doing more sit ups (or something like that). I immediately perked up. I love discovering new tools and experimenting to figure out how to make them work for my business as well as my clients.

The app is  It is an online platform with apps for your iPhone and Android phones. The idea is that you choose a “plan” (goal) or create one, and you are given steps that move you through the plan. As you accomplish or complete a step, you get access to the next step.  You can track your progress, choose to get reminders and participate in community support discussions.

Dashboard on

 Reach a new audience

I thought about how I could use the platform to connect with a new audience and better engage with people who get my free 7-day ecourse on how to boost their visibility on the web. Thousands of people have opted in to the e-course since I created it in 2010, yet unless I get an email or tweet or Facebook post, I don’t know how many people are actually implementing the tips.

"Get an Online Visibility Boost with 7 Easy-to-Implement Tips!"

Recently I reviewed and updated much of the content and will begin promoting it again. [As an aside, I was happy to see about half of the content remains evergreen, since it is about strategy vs. tactics which can change over time.]

Since I already had the updated content set up to drip to subscribers via email, I decided it would be quick and easy to set up the Visibility Boost! e-course as a plan on There’s one step per tip in a format that’s convenient and accessible on a smartphone. 

It took about 30 minutes to set up the plan. Once completed, a unique URL is generated which can be promoted on social networks and by email.

Now, when someone opts in to the e-course, I let them know they can also get the tips via the app. And, vice versa, for the folks who find the app on, I let them know they can also get it delivered by email. The subscriber gets to work through the steps in a way that works best for them. With reminders and reinforcement in the way of discussions, the likelihood of implementation is much higher.

What I like about

  • You can customize your plan with a header image (strongly recommended for branding and visibility)
  • You can include active hyperlinks in the description and steps of the plan (provide links to extra resources on your site)
  • There doesn’t appear to be a limit to the word count in the steps
  • The layout both online and on the app is clean and easy to use

What I haven’t figured out yet is if, as a plan creator, you get stats on how many join your plan.

How can you use this app for your business?

  • Like I did, repurpose an ecourse into a step by step plan
  • Use live links to move people to your site for more information
  • Include calls to action to join an email list, webinar, Hangout, get more tips, etc.
  • Set yourself apart from others in your niche by offering a goal-centered program that helps people achieve a specific result

The type of plans you can create is limited only by your imagination. On Lift there are many diet and fitness plans, as well as plans for learning a language, how to meditate, 30 days to decluttering your space, writing a book in 30 days, etc. I’ll bet you’ve got at least one step by step process in your business you could share for free in order to demonstrate your expertise. 

[Tweet “”You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream.” ~Albert Einstein “]

By providing a new way for your audience to use your content, you show you care about the success of your followers and fans. You show them it is possible for them to not only complete the steps, but to achieve a specific goal as well. This is truly a gift to the people who want the solutions you offer.

Why not give it a try?

And when you do create a plan on Lift, please post a link in the comments below so we can learn more about what you do and how you serve!

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    Some apps. are a great fit for an existing business, such as your e-course. This is a great tip, and should prompt many of us to think more ‘outside the box’ when ensuring our business is reaching as many prospects as possible.