Are you spreading your message throughout the Web?

I was on a teleseminar with Dave Lakhani of Bold Approach, called Advance or Die, where he was talking about what it will take for entrepreneurs to succeed in 2011. One point he made struck a chord in me:

You've got to spread your message throughout the Web so your prospective clients will stumble across you…you need to be wherever they are looking.

I'm paraphrasing because I did not take perfect, word for word notes, but in essence this is the centerpiece of my message about why you need to create a massive visible presence on the Web (listen to my audio message below).

As you've heard me say many times, Visibility = Opportunity and will help you attract more traffic, leads, prospects, clients, speaking gigs, media inquiries, JV requests, etc.

Spreading your message throughout the Web creates Ambient Awareness (phrased coined by Mari Smith, I believe) and at the heart of creating awareness is being consistent. It's not a once-in-awhile thing you do. It's something you need to work at every single day if you want to have a competitive advantage in your business. Either you, or someone in your business who understands it completely and thoroughly must spend some time every day crafting, connecting and communicating your message and how you solve your ideal client's problems.

I recorded a Cinchcast so you can learn more about two important elements that need to be place to boost your visibility on the web…

Take a look at your marketing systems.

Is your message consistent? Is your visibility on the key social networking sites consistent? Are you leveraging your content in many media so you can be seen and found on different types of site?

If not, what do you need to do to make this happen? (Need some help? Let's get together.)

I want you to be outrageously successful. In the comments below, let me know what you need to amp up your online visibility and I'll work on some posts to help you out.

Get more tips to help you boost your visibility on the web with my free Visibility Boost ecourse.

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