How to Use Online Video to Boost Your Visibility on the Web

All Video Sites - The ListHere’s a gift for you today…a quick lesson in how to use online video to boost your visibility…something I was thinking about and wanted to share with you. If you read my blogs or are a fan of my Facebook page, you know I occasionally post short videos with tips about how you can boost your online visibility.

You can find the videos on Biz Tips Blog.

You can find them on my YouTube channel.

You can find them on my Facebook Page.

You can subscribe to them on iTunes.

Why so many places?

I’m leveraging multiple platforms so I can put my video content in front of potential clients where they are hanging out.

Someone who searches YouTube may find my channel and discover my content for the first time.

Someone who friends me on Facebook, may not know I have a blog (yet!).

Someone who does a search on iTunes, probably never saw my blog or my Facebook page.

Someone doing a search on Google for tips about creating online visibility will probably find my blog because it’s indexed nearly every day as a result of steady, fresh content and I’m working on dominating this keyword phrase.

One 3 minute video is leveraged over and over. A few viewers here, a few viewers there…it all adds up and sends prospects back to my sites, my mailing list and my programs. Of course the key here is making sure there is a call to action and a link back to your blog or landing page with an invitation to learn more.

None of this is difficult to do and it all produces results over time. Some tasks are automated and some can be done by a VA (virtual assistant).

I hope this inspires you with ideas about how you can leverage your own expertise and content.

Have a great day and blog on!

Boost Your Visibility


Creative Commons License photo credit: HH-Michael

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  1. says

    Getting comfortable with video is a goal for this year, Denise.

    Quick question: even though I haven’t even posted a video to my YouTube account, I’ve gotten a few direct invitations to subscribe from channels that have no relation to mine whatsoever. Can you offer some guidance on how you handle invitations like this? I don’t want to seem rude, but I feel as though the things I subscribe to might reflect more dramatically on my reputation than a connection on Facebook or LinkedIn.

    • says

      Animoto is a great tool for creating video. Especially if one doesn’t feel comfortable getting in front of a camera. Thanks for sharing your post, Rich, your success is inspiring…blog on!