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On January 27th of 2011 the world of traditional publishing was turned completely and permanently upside down. While the inhabitants of the New York publishing houses wept, authors (and would-be authors) worldwide were dancing in the streets. 

That was the day book and retail giant Amazon.com announced sales of Kindle ebooks had overtaken sales of paperback books. The Kindle format had already surpassed hardcover sales some six months earlier. And not only that, this latest sales milestone had come months earlier than Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had expected.
So why were the traditional publishing houses so unhappy?
Well, if you have ever had the experience of trying to get a book published the old-fashioned way, you need no explanation. If not, then suffice it to say that the old, well-established publishing houses,  located almost exclusively in New York City, held the keys to the kingdom…
Including whether they would even consider accepting you and your book, the terms of the contract and the miserly amount of money they would pay to you for your trouble. 
With the rise of the Amazon’s Kindle and to a lesser extent, Barnes and Noble’s Nook ebook reader platforms, those keys, once so tightly clutched in the palms of the insider few, have now passed to the hands of you, the author.
As an author, you now have almost complete control, plus the  opportunity to get your work in front of readers in a way that has never before been possible in the entire history of book publishing.

And your options are many: you can choose to be your own publishing house and go with an online printer and distribution service to fulfill your orders; you can choose one of the many print on demand houses and have them be the publisher for you and yes, you can still opt to go with a traditional publisher (and guess what? You now have more leverage with them than ever!)

And that’s just the beginning. You can then get your new print book set up as an ebook and start making sales globally on Kindle and Nook, all the while generating leads and more visibility for yourself and your business, without costing you anything. 
Or you can forego the print version entirely and move directly to digital delivery. By re-purposing content you already have, you can go from idea to published Kindle ebook in as little as 24 to 48 hours!
The advantages of becoming an author are many: besides sales of your book (and the ability to keep a greater percentage of those sales) as an author you also enjoy an almost instant surge in credibility, visibility and increased opportunities for speaking engagements including keynote speeches, radio and television appearances, online interviews and more.
So how do you take advantage of this new publishing wave without getting drowned in the details of what you need to know to take action quickly?
That’s where the Write Your Book Build Your Business Telesummit comes in…

My friend and colleague, online marketing expert and Amazon best-selling author Dr. Ellen Britt, has put together a group of expert authors (including me!) to guide you through every aspect of this new opportunity on her newest free virtual event, the Write Your Book, Build Your Business Telesummit, July 26 through August 1st.

All you need to do is click here to grab your free seat!
Besides me, Amazon best-selling author and online visibility expert Denise Wakeman, this roster of successful authors includes speaker, author and online marketing mentor, Connie Ragen Green; best-selling author, Amazon Launch Expert, speaker and publisher Marnie Pehrson; best-selling Author, International Keynote Speaker and Master Coach Hueina Su; author, Creative Relationship Marketing Expert, and International speaker Shannon Cherry…
small business growth expert, marketing mentor, consultant and author Sandra Martini; Conscious Business Mentor and Enlightened Listbuilder Adela Rubio; Amazon best-selling author, speaker and success coach Laura West; Amazon best-selling author, business strategist and social media and online marketing maven Michele Scism; author, speaker and communication consultant Felicia Slattery; entrepreneur, author and publisher Lynne Klippel; Story Muse, intuitive Dream Coach, speaker and award-winning author Paula Chaffee Scardamalia…
author, Practical Marketing Expert and Business Lifestyle Architect Stacy Karacostas; best-selling author and evolutionary leader Maryam Webster; accomplished storyteller, Professional Certified Coach and international presenter Lisa Bloom; speaker and author, The Ebook Coach Ellen Violette; top tech coach, author, speaker and trainer Sandra de Freitas, as well as your host for the event, Amazon best-selling author and online marketing expert strategist Dr. Ellen Britt.
Ellen is well-known for her warm, engaging interview style and you can be certain she will extract every bit of the information you need to get your book in print or if you are an aspiring author, to finally get that idea out of your head and onto paper (real or digital!).
Please join us, as we continue our celebration of the day the publishing world turned upside down, by registering for our free Write Your Book, Build Your Business Telesummit! 
There has never been a greater opportunity for you to get your work in front of your potential readers, clients and customers.
I’ll look forward to hearing your success story!
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    What a great teleseminar line-up! For those who have done it, it’s easy to say “you can go from idea to published Kindle ebook in as little as 24 to 48 hours!” But I find many newbie or aspiring authors need a little nudge, know-how, and boost to actually make that happen! That usually requires working with a accountability partner or leader, or in a group setting to ensure you actually get it done! Thanks for the post; I look forward to learning more.

    Alicia Dunams
    Publisher, Speaker, and Creator of BestsellerinaWeekend.com