Are You a Lazy Marketer in the Summer?

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marshmallow feastDuring a conversation with my business coach, we were discussing what happens to entrepreneurs and business owners in the Summer months. We both were getting a sense that business owners, particularly solo entrepreneurs, tended to back off on their marketing during the late Spring and Summer months.

There’s been a feeling of slowing down when I talk to other entrepreneurs. A desire to back off a bit and focus on fun Summer activities.

But we have no proof or statistics that this is actually true, so I decided to run a poll.

Will you help us out and select which response fits you best about how you market your business in the Summer? Are you a lazy marketer? Or on top of it year-round?

Believe me, I get it. The Summer is time to go to the beach, go on an Adventure away from the grind of daily life, or go camping with your pals and roast marshmallows over a campfire.

But what happens when Fall rolls around and you expect to run a successful launch for your new product or book, and you’ve been virtually absent for the last couple of months?

Please vote and share your views about Summer-time marketing, in the comments below.

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    I voted “Yes, I just want to relax & have fun” simply because I will be away for 6 weeks, and if I am actively engaged in marketing that would feel like working, not vacation. However, I will have things put in place that will get published in my absence, such as scheduled blog posts, tweets, etc. I will log in to social media sites once or twice a week, just to check messages, reply to inquiries and accept connection requests, etc.

  2. says

    I try not to slow down but since the kids are older we are literally running in 12 directions at any one time. How’d that do for making excuses? ;)

    Each year I’ve gotten a lot better. Technology is helping a lot so that I don’t stop doing my daily tasks. If we go camping then some times I’ll have wifi at the campground and I can check emails and even blog quickly in the mornings before people get up. Otherwise, there is generally access for my smartphone so I can do the basics.

    I keep my VA up to date when I’m going to be out of town and forward her emails that might need more attention than I can give them.

    I also use scheduling, for everything! Blog posts, newsletters, social media, whatever I can. Take this weekend for instance, we’re out of town and I want to unplug completely. Have to schedule ahead so I’m not feeling the need to be writing this weekend :)

    While so many are slowing down their efforts I try to take advantage of it. My busiest month of the year is September so I can’t be slacking or I’ll lose a major income.
    Val recently posted..Build an Opt-in List Quickly

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