Kindle, Amazon and EBooks – Digital Publishing is HOT! [survey]

Digital Publishing Survey

No doubt you know that Digital Publishing is a hot topic. Whenever I host a webinar on Kindle or Nook publishing, or a write a post or mention my down and dirty way to publish your first Kindle ebook, folks go nuts over the information.  When I discussed this with my friend and collegue Ellen Britt, she mentioned having a similar experience.

So, we decided to explore trend further. We wanted to know how businesses – solo professionals and small business owners – are using digital publishing as a marketing tool for their business.  And the Digital Publishing Survey was created…

Will you kindly take five minutes of your time and help us out by taking our short survey on Digital Publishing?

To show our appreciation for your time, we'll send you a free copy of the survey results in our comprehensive report on Digital Publishing as soon as the survey is complete.
We'd love to have your input on the survey and help spreading the word to your colleagues. The more responses we get, the better the data and more comprehensive report we'll be able to give you.
Just click here to go to the survey page and please pass this along to your business friends and colleagues using the share buttons above. 
P.S. We've started a Pinterest board about Digital Publishing. Follow the board for info and resources for marketing your business with ebooks!
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