Top Questions Online Entrepreneurs Have About Digital Publishing

Digital publishing is so hot, it's not surprising that online entrepreneurs have many, many questions about how to integrate ebooks, podcasts, and multimedia content into their marketing strategy. 

In the survey we did to produce the 2012 Digital Publishing Industry Report, Ellen Britt and I asked one open-ended question:

What question about digital or traditional publishing to you most want answered?

We categorized more than 750 responses into ten topics that came up over and over and included many subtopics.  In the list below, you'll see the ten major topics. To get the details and much more about how online entrepreneurs are using and considering digital publishing, download your own free copy of the report (no optin required).

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  1. says

    Thanks Denise,

    I was just wondering about the stats on this. I can see that it doesn’t really bring in a good revenue, but it can be used as some kind of “branding” which is fine.
    Many thanks for the stats.

    • says

      Hi Donna, While many people are indeed using ebooks as branding tools and lead generators, I would gently caution you to not to underestimate digital publications as a source of revenue. If you have great information that solves a pressing problem that your niche is willing to pay to have solved, you may very well be able to profit directly from publishing your information.