Build Your Kindle eBook Empire to Build Your Business

At the beginning of January I saw a lot of resolutions and intentions about getting an ebook published on Kindle this year. Is that goal on your list for 2012?

In the last few weeks, it seems like there's been a frenzy of articles about ebook publishing and the mind-boggling number of sales of ebook readers in December. Take a look at some of these articles and astounding numbers:

Top 10 Self-Published Writers Make 449% More Money Through Amazon Lending Library

Why e-books will be much bigger than you can imagine

Apple's War on Amazon Starts Thursday

If you truly want to get your first Kindle ebook published and need some mentoring and “do it for you” help, I have a new program designed just for you…

Kindle Ebook Jumpstart 

Take note:

  • 5 million Kindle readers were sold in December alone (that doesn't include iPads and Nook readers that were sold too!)
  • 295,000 ebooks were loaned to Amazon Prime Members in December generating $500,000 in royalty payments to authors

This is an exciting time for you to begin self-publishing. While I'm not going to promise you'll get rich, you can build a solid stream of revenue, build your list and increase your visibility when you publish your content beyond your blog. You don't need to write The Great American Novel. You can compile content you've already written into ebooks that target your ideal client or customer. It's a great way to give new prospects a taste of your expertise and get paid! Take a look at the ebooks I'm selling on Amazon to get an idea of what you can do.

If you’re ready to tap into the Kindle goldmine, build your reputation, visibility, and business by becoming a published author on the most trafficked Internet retail destination worldwide, I’m ready to help you.

Click here to get the details and let's get started building your Kindle ebook empire now =>

I look forward to mentoring you!

Got questions about the program? Submit a support ticket and I'll get right back to you.

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