9 Questions to Answer Before You Approach a New Joint Venture Partner

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Joint venture partners and affiliates are a great way to boost your visibility, attract new clients and customers, and make more money. However, there is some etiquette involved in how you approach a potential joint venture partner.

A few days ago I was asked by my colleague Kathleen Gage to contribute some tips and advice about how to deal with an overwhelming number of joint venture requests. What I sent her is the list of 9 questions you see below. Kathleen's post, Leading Experts Share Top Reasons Why They Won’t Promote for Others, also includes excellent tips by Ellen Britt, David Perdew and Susan Lassiter-Lyons. As you'll see, we all share Kathleen's frustration about the number of promotion requests we get that are from people we don't know, have no relationship with, and are for products that are not a good fit for our communities.

Whether you're new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned marketer, I urge you to read Kathleen's post. The advice and tips are excellent. I especially like how Susan rewards her top ten affiliates at the end of the year!

Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs
Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs

Denise Wakeman Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs

Listly by Denise Wakeman

Based on 2012 Digital Publishing Industry report published by The Future of Ink, these are the top questions online entrepreneurs want to know about digital publishing. Learn more details about the questions as well as info and demographics about how online entrepreneurs are using digital publishing in their marketing strategy. You can get the FREE report at http://thefutureofink.com

Source: http://thefutureofink.com/digital-publishing-industry-report-2012/

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  1. 1  How do I get started with digital publishing?

    How do I get started with digital publishing?

    The number one question entrepreneurs want answered is how they can quickly and easily get started publishing their content in digital form.

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  1. says

    A few more that I would add are:

    1. Have I tested my sales funnel to make sure everything runs smoothly?
    2. Am I able to make it so easy to promote me that my potential JV friend will not be able to come up with any reason to say “no”?
    3. Is my product so unique that there aren’t 100 other things like it on the market already?

    Just a few questions that I ask myself before recruiting affiliates.

    Thanks for posting about such an important topic!

  2. says

    So true! I’ll admit that I’ve made this mistake recently while getting my site up (not afraid to admit failure!). I came online with the hopes of serving people but I realized that I hadn’t formed connections with them yet or gave them the support they needed.

    I’m definitely on mission now to correct that – posts likes this are very comforting knowing that there is a right direction to go in!

    • says

      Hi Jeff, thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. Marketing online is never quick, despite was some “gurus” would like you to believe. It’s all about the relationships which are so much more rewarding and lucrative in the long run. Blog on!

  3. says

    Denise, thanks for this list of questions! These are so needed by beginning and even seasoned entrepreneurs as they begin to reach out to others to help them promote and grow their businesses. Plus, I love the use of List.ly…

    • says

      Ellen, writing this list of questions was a good exercise for me as a reminder of what I need to do the next time I launch a new program and look to enroll my affiliates to help with promotion.

  4. says

    These are great questions people should consider as they approach JVs. Thanks for the insights Denise. I recommend everyone who is serious about building solid relationships that will benefit everyone read this post.

    • says

      Thank you, Kathleen…you were the source of inspiration! I’ve been posting and sharing your post on JV partnerships all over. It’s super important for everyone who wants to work with affiliates.