How to Turn Your Ideas into Cash [Recommended Reading]

Do you have an idea spinning inside your brain, but wonder if it could ever really make any money?

You're not alone.  Thousands of folks have done it – really turned their ideas into cash.  But it's kind of a miracle, right?  I mean, these folks just got lucky breaks.  Surely.

Trust Your Heart: Turn Your Ideas into Income, the new book from showcases 19 very different individuals who once sat in the same spot you are.  Wanting to develop an idea and market it, but just wondering how.

The publisher, Marnie Pehrson, called a few weeks ago to ask if I would write a chapter for her book. At first I was reluctant. 

Being a pragmatic person, I didn't know how I could approach the topic from the "touchy feely" perspective. I almost said no and then I asked a friend to help me tell my story. She interviewed me and I had the interview transcribed. I discovered I had a lot more to say and was able to turn my ramblings into a chapter for the book.

My chapter is called "A Lover's Leap"  and tells a little of how I started my entrepreneurial journey when I fell in love. I took the topic quite literally! As you can imagine, like a relationship, being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs. I share my back story (which I don't do too often) about how I got my business to where it is today despite a lot of challenges.

What I appreciated about Marnie's approach to the book is that she asked each author to share their lessons learned. This is the real meat of the book with dozens of practical, real world lessons and how-tos you can learn from and implement to accelerate your own entrepreneurial success. A couple of lessons I elaborate on are:

  • Sometimes you don't have a choice
  • You don't always get to have all the resources you want
  • Do your research
  • Model the leaders
  • Your vision of who you are may change quite radically

This hot-off-the-press book reveals the stories behind real Internet successes and shares how these individuals made their dreams come true. Look who's included:

  • Marnie Pehrson
  • Adela Rubio
  • Stephanie Chandler
  • Jessica Swanson
  • Kathleen Gage
  • Dr. Linda Miles
  • Milana Leshinsky
  • Ellen Britt
  • Laura Howard West
  • Shannon Cherry
  • Janis Pettit
  • Michele Pariza Wacek
  • Brian Rooney
  • Leslie Householder
  • Joanne Musa
  • Phillip Davis
  • Lisa Rae Preston
  • Adam Urbanski (You don't want to miss this story. You've probably heard how Adam came to the U.S. from Poland with only $194 and built a million dollar business. But you probably haven't heard what Adam had to go through to get out of communist Poland.)
  • And me, of course

After reading, I guarantee you'll be inspired to get moving forward on your idea.  The truth is, anyone with the right formula can make their dreams reality.  Take a look at the blueprints these folks used to do just that.

Get your copy of Trust Your Heart: Turn Your Ideas into Income, (heck it's only $10.85) then go to this site to get bonus audio interviews from the contributors and your own web publicity package (on May 18 – launch day!)

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  1. says

    Trust Your Heart hit the Amazon bestseller list yesterday, getting as high as #58. That is astounding when you consider there are hundreds of thousands of books on Amazon. It is #1 in Entrepreneurship and #1 in Small Business. Congrats to Marnie Pehrson, the genius behind the book.

  2. says

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  3. says

    Denise, I especially appreciate the point, “Your vision of who you are may change quite radically.”

    My guess is you had some epiphany in the moment of transcribing your chapter where you realized you were doing more than you thought.  And, for this to be published in a book (I’m sure) has altered your perspective of who *you* are (to a degree).

    I believe true leaders are the one’s who trust their ultimate vision and learn to adapt.

    We are all now having to accept that what we do *may* show up on the Internet.  I have come to accept this reality.  I think when you can let go of the fear, people will see through your writing, videos, and products and either resonate with you or not.

    It also means that you must always be conscious of what you’re saying and doing on the web, because none of it will ever go away.

    …Kinda trippy…

    Wish you the best.

    • says

       Thanks, Chase. I had my epiphany a few years ago, and you’re right, it was when I realized I had stepped out into the spotlight vs. staying behind the scenes. I was doing so much more than I had ever imagined.

  4. says

    I just bought 5 copies of the book to give as gifts. There are so many inspiring stories and my favorite part are the lessons learned and steps to fast-tracking business success.