Book Promotion is About More than Tactics

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Book Promotion TipsI’ve been talking with a lot of people lately about all the stuff that’s involved with getting the word out to promote their book and how confusing it be to know what to do. ┬áThere are hundreds, if not thousands, of tactics you can use, but without a book promotion strategy that works with your overall business strategy, your efforts may not get you the results you expect. At least that’s what I’ve witnessed over and over.

I’m curious, has this been your experience as well?

It’s something I’ve been working to simplify with my clients who are writing books. Believe me, I know how overwhelming it can be.

Because of this universal feeling of overwhelm, I’m working on a checklist (actually, it’s turning into more of a worksheet) you can use to clarify your current book promotion reality and then identify what you can do to develop a personal strategy for building your author platform and creating buzz for your book.

If you’d like a copy of the worksheet, post a comment below and I’ll make sure you get it when it’s complete.

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