How to be a Kickass Blogger – Adventures in Visibility with Lynne Knowlton

Lynne KnowltonIn this Adventure in Visibility, I hung out with Lynne Knowlton of Design the Life You Want to Live.  We talked about how Lynne’s visibility skyrocketed when she made one simple decision about how she was going to approach her blog.

Lynne’s secret to blogging success is simple.

Lynne blogs exactly like she talks. And that’s not an exaggeration. Lynne is my sister-in-law and I’ve known her about 18 years. When I read her posts, it feels like I’m right there having a conversation with her. Her audience loves her for it, too.

Our conversation ranged from “keeping it real” to the importance of responding to every single blog comment. Lynne revealed two people who have had a tremendous influence on her blogging, as well. And, we talked about ebooks: why it’s important for bloggers to have an ebook, and Lynne’s recently published, gorgeous ebook on Kickass Photo Apps.

Lynne is a Kickass blogger, Momma to four kiddos and wife to a guy with cancer.  Living an imperfect life in the countryside by rolling with the punches and blogging about it.  Inspiring others to design the life they want to live.


Lynne’s treehouse. This is where Lynne blogs (when it’s not winter!)

Check out the comments and post-show Q&A on the Google+ Event page.

For your convenience, below is the mp3 and transcript (coming soon) from the live Hangout with Lynne:

Be sure to visit Lynne Knowlton’s website, Design the Life You Want to Live, and follow her on Google+!

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    Hi Denise,

    Thanks for sharing Lynne.

    I remember reading her name somewhere but totally can’t remember. Guess time to check her out.

    Appreciate the kind share and have a great weekend ahead!