MavSocial – The Social Dashboard for Visual Content Marketers

MavSocial - The Social Dashboard for Visual Marketers

How many times a week do you use images in your social marketing content? Daily? Several times a day?

Using visual content in your online marketing is nearly mandatory now. If you want your content to attract attention and get shared, it’s got to stand out. And what better way to get noticed than by using outstanding images in your posts.

But here’s the problem. Managing all those images can be a nightmare.  [Read more…]

Get Off the Marketing Hamster Wheel | Conversation with Tonya Davidson

Tonya DavidsonIn this episode of Conversations with Experts, I welcome Tonya Davidson of I’ve known Tonya as a colleague and friend for a couple of years and there’s one thing I know for sure about her…

Tonya is passionate about customer service and helping professionals create a client-centered culture in their business. And that’s what we address in this Conversation.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast Now


By now, you’ve probably heard the news…

podcasting online radio

podcasting is taking off like a rocket ship!

As an online entrepreneur, you have a tremendous opportunity to leverage this platform to get your content, your brand and your marketing message out to a wider audience.

 There are four primary reasons podcasting is making such a huge resurgence, but before I get to those, let’s take a quick look at how podcasting stands up to a couple of the largest tried and true platforms.

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Number One GooglePlus Question – Profile or Page?

Google PlusThe most frequent GooglePlus question I hear about getting started is…

Do I set up a profile or a page for my business?

The quick answer is both. And, there are caveats.  And, questions you need to answer about your business:

  1. Is your business solely online or do you have a physical location as well?
  2. Are you a solopreneur or a small, medium or large business?
  3. If you’re a solopreneur, are you the “face” of your business, the person who is the brand?
  4. What is the purpose for you/your business to be active on Google+?
  5. How engaged do you plan to be?

No matter what, you will need to create a personal Profile on Google+, even if it’s only so you can set up and manage Pages.  If you’re a solo business owner, you may want to set up a Page in order to protect your brand and business name as well. [Read more…]

Three Reasons to Embed Content on Your Blog

Google Plus joined Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, among others, and now allows you to embed Google+ content on your blog.  You’ve been able to embed videos on your blog for years. Now, every social network is jumping on the bandwagon and giving you the option to embed your social posts. Simply find the dropdown button or arrow on a post and look for the option to get the embed code. Then paste that code on your site. [MaAnna Stephenson of BlogAid has created a step-by-step tutorial on how to embed G+ posts.}


Why would you want to embed content on your blog?

1. It’s a fast and easy way to curate content you want to share with your audience. Rather than quoting and linking to a post, you can embed the original content which is respectful of the originating author as their content stays intact.

2. Cross-pollinate your communities. For example, if you post a video on your Facebook page, and you want to attract more fans to your page, embed the video post on your blog to show off what you’re doing on your Page. It’s a safe bet that everyone who subscribes to or finds your blog via search, isn’t already a Facebook fan. Bring them over by embedding a post. [You can substitute “Facebook” with Pinterest, GooglePlus, Twitter, Instagram, etc., if you want to build your communities on those social networks.]

3. Increase engagement with your content. Typically when you embed content from a social site, all the social interaction options are included with the post. More people will have an opportunity to find your social posts and interact with you.

In the example below, embedded from my Google Plus profile, I’m sharing an Auto Awesome image that you would normally only see if you have Circled me. Now, I can embed it and share it with all my blog subscribers too! Cool, right?


Right after I published this article, Stephan Hovnanian posted a great list of “smart uses for Google+ posts. Here it is for your reading pleasure!

What type of content do you embed on your blog? Share how you embed content and include a link in the comments to show us what you’re embedding on your blog.