Book Promotion is About More than Tactics

Book Promotion TipsI’ve been talking with a lot of people lately about all the stuff that’s involved with getting the word out to promote their book and how confusing it be to know what to do.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tactics you can use, but without a book promotion strategy that works with your overall business strategy, your efforts may not get you the results you expect. At least that’s what I’ve witnessed over and over.

I’m curious, has this been your experience as well?

It’s something I’ve been working to simplify with my clients who are writing books. Believe me, I know how overwhelming it can be.

Because of this universal feeling of overwhelm, I’m working on a checklist (actually, it’s turning into more of a worksheet) you can use to clarify your current book promotion reality and then identify what you can do to develop a personal strategy for building your author platform and creating buzz for your book.

If you’d like a copy of the worksheet, post a comment below and I’ll make sure you get it when it’s complete.

Put Your Stake in the Marketing Position Ground

Guest post by Kathleen Gage.

Marketing PositionLook at many marketing campaigns and you might find one is pretty much the same as the other. There’s no major distinction between them.

To achieve the outcomes you desire, and stand out in the consumer’s mind, you must put a stake in the ground through your marketing position, meaning stand up for what you believe. Don’t be wishy-washy; stand tall and proud and be willing to do what needs to be done to let people know you exist.

When you first begin your business, you may not have the confidence you will gain over time regarding how you market you, your products and services, and your business. The sooner you get comfortable with marketing, the better.

There is a direct correlation between your level of confidence and the amount of money people will pay for your expertise. There is also a direct correlation between what people will pay you and how your expertise is packaged. Given two experts with equal qualifications including years in the industry, education, and knowledge, and one has taken time to package their knowledge into books and information products and the other has not, the first will command more money for their expertise.

When customers and prospective customers think of products like yours, you want to be the one who comes to mind and the one they will do business with. This top-of-mind awareness is known as market position.

Your marketing position is achieved through branding, packaging, public relations, promotions, a unique selling proposition, and excellent customer care, to name just a few. In the online world, there are four primary ways to become top-of-mind:

  • Build celebrity position
  • Become active in social networks
  • Use online media opportunities
  • Develop aligned partnerships
Celebrity Position

By celebrity position I am not referring to Oprah-level celebrity. Celebrity in this context is becoming incredibly visible and well-known to your market.

Social Networks

Involvement in social networks is a must-do! You cannot escape it. But ensure that your involvement is effective and not a waste of time.

Although the most popular social networks are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Twitter you may find your market congregates elsewhere.

To assure you get the most out of your social networking efforts it is best to survey your market to know specifically where they hang out. A great resource for this would be Survey Monkey.

Online Media

Over the past few years, media opportunities have cropped up all over the internet – everything from online magazines to blogs, internet radio, video sites, and social media. Many of these opportunities cost nothing but time. It’s amazing how much visibility a targeted approach will get you with online media.

Aligned Partnerships

One of the fastest ways to build celebrity is through the partnerships you develop. No one makes it on their own. Successful people build solid relationships with others who support their values.

Although we have become an instant gratification world, there are those who know that success is not an overnight happening. To truly succeed in any venture, especially building your business using the strategies in this book, it takes time, commitment, and focus. Lay a solid foundation and you are in a great position to reap fantastic benefits.

To succeed you must have a long-term view as well as short-term goals. Get into the game of using the internet to build your business and market position with the knowledge that this does take effort, work, investment, and time. When you do, you are way ahead of the majority of people who attempt this for a little while only to give up when they realize it is real business at its best.

About Kathleen Gage:

Kathleen Gage, Power Up for ProfitsKathleen Gage is the “no-nonsense, common sense” online marketing strategist, speaker, author, product creation specialist and owner of “Power Up for Profits.” Kathleen helps entrepreneurs make money online. Her clients are driven by making a difference through their own unique voice.

Kathleen’s mission is to help people understand that their business is merely a means to get their message out to the world. She teaches that it’s not just about what you do, but the reasons behind why you do it.

Her newest book, Power Up For Profits; The Smart Woman’s Guide to Online Marketing is the perfect resource for any author who wants to reach more of their market in the fastest, most cost effective methods possible. For a very limited time when you order the book through Amazon you receive Kathleen’s report “How to Make Your First $100 Online” and “Sell Thousands from Any Platform” at no cost to you. Click here for full details.

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Profitable Content Marketing – Do I Need a Call to Action at the End of My Content? (Really?)

Guest post by Jeff Herring
Call to Action - Click HereQ: Do I need a Call to Action at the end of my article content?

A: I must admit, I was a little surprised by this question. It came from someone who had purchased an entry level resource from me, and the purchase came with a bonus strategy session.

In the book “Made to Stick” authors Chip and Dan Heath talk about the “curse of knowledge” – thinking that just because you know something means every one else knows it too.

So this question was another gentle reminder to always carry somewhere within you a “beginner’s mind” so you can make the most difference with your students.

On to the answer

So the answer is absolutely yes, you always want to have a call to action at the end of your article content. Here are some reasons to back up my absolute yes:

1) Even if you are creating content and/or articles just to see your name in print, you are doing your readers a disservice by not showing them a way to get more from you. Why? Because if you are creating content in the most powerful way, then your reader is going to be attracted to the way you approach and solve problems. The natural result of this is that they are going to want more from you. So why leave them hanging?

2) If one of the goals of your content creation is to create traffic, then of course you want a call to action. Asking the reader to go to one of your profit sites (opt-in page, sales page, blog, etc) is still a great way to generate endless waves of traffic from your articles.

3) If one of the goals of your content creation is to build a list, then of course you want a call to action. In world full of options for paid traffic, (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more) I still believe new list members who are earned instead of bought make the absolute best lists.

4) And I’ve saved the most surprising reason for last: If you create content that helps someone to take the next success steps, and do not offer a way for them to go further with you, then you are simply working for your competition.


Because your reader will learn from and move forward with you, but then you leave them hanging. So then, when they read something on the same topic from one of your competitors, who offer them a way to go further, they will choose to invest with your competitors.

And you don’t really want to do that, do you?

Jeff HerringI’ll show you step-by-step exactly how to create a profitable Call to Action on this Results Now Webinar:  “How to Create a Profitable Call to Action: The Secret to Getting Your Prospects to Do What You Want Them to Do” on Thursday July 11th at 4 pm EDT – Join us here =>

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9 Questions to Answer Before You Approach a New Joint Venture Partner

Joint venture partners and affiliates are a great way to boost your visibility, attract new clients and customers, and make more money. However, there is some etiquette involved in how you approach a potential joint venture partner.

A few days ago I was asked by my colleague Kathleen Gage to contribute some tips and advice about how to deal with an overwhelming number of joint venture requests. What I sent her is the list of 9 questions you see below. Kathleen's post, Leading Experts Share Top Reasons Why They Won’t Promote for Others, also includes excellent tips by Ellen Britt, David Perdew and Susan Lassiter-Lyons. As you'll see, we all share Kathleen's frustration about the number of promotion requests we get that are from people we don't know, have no relationship with, and are for products that are not a good fit for our communities.

Whether you're new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned marketer, I urge you to read Kathleen's post. The advice and tips are excellent. I especially like how Susan rewards her top ten affiliates at the end of the year!

Headline for Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs
10 items   4.58k views

Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs

Based on 2012 Digital Publishing Industry report published by The Future of Ink, these are the top questions online entrepreneurs want to know about digital publishing. Learn more details about the questions as well as info and demographics about how online entrepreneurs are using digital publishing in their marketing strategy. You can get the FREE report at



How do I get started with digital publishing?

Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs | How do I get started with digital publishing?

The number one question entrepreneurs want answered is how they can quickly and easily get started publishing their content in digital form.


How do I market my ebooks?

Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs | How do I market my ebooks?

Online entrepreneurs want to know how to best market their digital content.


How do I properly format my ebooks?

Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs | How do I properly format my ebooks?

Many online entrepreneurs are concerned, and rightly so, with proper formatting.


Which platforms should I use to publish my content?

Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs | Which platforms should I use to publish my content?

Many online entrepreneurs want to know how to choose which publishing platform to use.


How do I get the knowledge in my head, into an ebook?

Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs | How do I get the knowledge in my head, into an ebook?

Many online entrepreneurs have concerns related to the actual writing of the book, whether digital or print.


How do I get more exposure and visibility for my ebooks?

Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs | How do I get more exposure and visibility for my ebooks?

Many online entrepreneurs are very concerned about getting maximum exposure and visibility for their digital books.


Where can I find trusted places to outsource work?

Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs | Where can I find trusted places to outsource work?

Many online entrepreneurs want recommendations for places to outsource many of the tasks associated with digital publishing.


How do I research the best niche to write about?

Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs | How do I research the best niche to write about?

Many online entrepreneurs had questions about researching and picking a niche.


Can I really make money with digital publishing?

Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs | Can I really make money with digital publishing?

Naturally, many online entrepreneurs want to know how to make money selling their digital content.


How can I best market my digital publishing services?

Top Questions About Digital Publishing for Entrepreneurs | How can I best market my digital publishing services?

In addition to questions directly related to digital publishing, some online entrepreneurs want to know how to sell their services to people interested in digital publishing.

What's been your experience both receiving joint venture requests and asking others to be a joint venture partner? What has worked for you in building partnerships?

Ignoring the Small Sales? Here’s How They Can Lead to Big Sales

Are you ignoring the small sales, thinking they aren't worth pursuing?

On my recent webinar "From Blog to Kindle eBook: How to Create New Revenue Streams with Amazon's Kindle eBook Program"** I shared a screenshot from my July sales to date for my Kindle eBooks. The total was about $20. Doesn't sound like much, does it? Why would I spend my time creating ebooks if I'm only making a few bucks a month? 

Talking with a colleague who attended the webinar, he gave me some feedback about showing such a small revenue number for my sales. He had a good point, that it may have discouraged some people to think they may make only a few dollars from their Kindle ebooks. I could have found a screenshot with higher numbers.

But, here's the point I was making on the webinar…this is an additional revenue stream, not my sole income. If I wanted to make thousands of dollars a month on Kindle, which some authors do, I'd have to be doing more than compiling blog posts as ebooks. I'd also have to be marketing full time to drive traffic to my books.

This goes directly to the purpose of your ebooks. For me, they are lead generators. And, as I pointed out to my friend, I'm actually getting paid for my leads, when someone buys an ebook and then signs up for a free gift that's offered in the ebook, they have paid me to get on my list. Not bad.

Now, here's the true story that may change the way you think about the small sales…

During an intake session with a new client, she told me exactly how she found me.

She was doing a Google search for how to add images to a blog post. One of the search results was a Kindle ebook I offered on Amazon. She bought the ebook for 99 cents. Next she checked out some of the resources I recommended and opted in to a free webinar which added her on my email list. Then, about 30 days later, when I offered a group coaching program, she knew it was the right program at the right time and I was the right person for her to study with.

So, that $.99 ebook became a $500 sale.

That's why I do it. Not to get rich on Kindle ebooks, but to attract the right people to my site and my community and then make an offer that can solve a problem for them.

Does it make sense now, why I'm not worried about whether I make $10 or $100 dollars on Kindle? It's passive revenue and frankly, a dollar is a dollar and all those little sales do add up! It's all good and also helps me build my visibility, credibility and business.

That's what I want for you, too, and I know you can do it too. I appreciate that my friend brought up the issue so I could share the story with you. While I can't promise you the same results, I can promise that if you don't leverage the tools at your finger tips – like easy publishing on the biggest ecommerce site on the web – you may struggle a little more to build your business.

Do you have story about how a small sale led to a big sale? I'd love to hear about your success, and your challenges in the comments below.

** The replay for the Blog to Kindle eBook webinar + resources is currently available for a limited time at the original registration price. It will be going up soon.