3 Simple Keys to More Profits, Less Stress and More Visibility

This is a guest post by Sydni Craig-Hart of Smart Simple Marketing.

3 Simple Keys to More Profits, Less Stress and More Visibility

Building your business and growing it to support the lifestyle you want is the whole point of becoming an entrepreneur.
The first step in doing so is to define what success means for you.  Perhaps it means that you work a certain schedule. Have the ability to travel extensively. Or maybe it has to do with the amount of income you generate. Be OK with whatever success means to you and resist the urge to be influenced by what the "gurus" say you should be doing. Instead, focus your efforts on bringing your vision of success to life! This means taking action to works towards your goal.
Remember this quote:
“There is something more important than believing; ACTION! The world is full of dreamers.  Those who are successful will move ahead and begin to take concrete steps to ACTUALIZE their vision” (- Unknown).
In order to build your business, you will need to do just a few things very well:
1. Market Consistently:  This can be a challenge when the majority of your time is spent working with clients and running your company. However, you cannot market sporadically or only when you need clients and expect to create a successful business. You'll get the best results by focusing your efforts on just a few strategies that fit your target market and your goals…

You will likely attract other individuals outside of your target audience, but for the purpose of working your marketing plan you want to focus on just one group. Your target market is the industry or profession on which you focus your marketing efforts.  For instance, if you decided that you want to focus on working with fitness professionals, that would be your target market. You can easily find networking events where fitness professionals spend time.  They will be at conferences that you can attend.  Your marketing collateral will speak directly to this group.  You can create offers tailored to the needs of this group. It will help them to see that you are the expert who can help them to solve their specific problems.
Your ideal client is the one type of person in that target market that you are best suited to work with.  This person has traits that inspire you to do your best work. Being clear on your ideal client will assist you in ALL of the marketing that you do going forward.  It will affect where you direct your speaking engagements, social media marketing, blog writing, networking and everything else. Most importantly, when you market directly to this individual, they will be naturally drawn to you and easily say yes to what you have to offer.
Finally, be sure to block out time for marketing EACH week (even daily if you don't have enough clients). Don't leave this to chance! Make marketing a priority appointment on your calendar – as important as working with your favorite, highest paying client. When you sit down for your marketing time, be sure you have specific projects and tasks in mind to complete so you make the most of your time.
Your marketing efforts will be focused, consistent and effective when you follow this simple advice.
2. Set Up Systems:  Installing systems in your business allows you to save you time, energy and resources.  Why?  Because you will know exactly what steps to take when you perform any task in your business.  When you have systems and documented processes for running your business, you won't waste time trying to remember what to do next or worse yet, miss a critical step.
You want to create systems for billing and receiving payments, enrolling new clients, working with sub-contractors, managing business cards that you collect when networking, knowing what to say when following up with prospects, closing new deals and the list goes on and on.  All repetitive activity in your business deserves to have a system set up to make your life and allow you to provide top-notch services to your clients.
3. Hone Your Craft: Yes, you are great at what you do and have a lot to offer your clients and customers. Be careful though not to rest on your laurels and become stagnant in your offerings. The market place changes quickly and to keep up it's important that you invest time and resources into continuing to educate yourself.
You want to stay abreast of the latest trends in your industry so that you can readily address the needs of your audience. Make it a point to attend conferences, read books (reading one new book per month on your subject of expertise is a great goal!) and learn new technology. Share your new discoveries with your audience by means of trainings, blog posts, articles and new offerings. This will help them to see your dedication and continually remind them why you are THE go to person to solve their problems.
If you market your business consistently, set up systems and continually learn new skills, you will be poised for phenomenal growth in your business.  All of this is based on what your level of Success Status means for you.  Set your course and shoot for the stars!
About the Author:

Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach, is founder of SmartSimpleMarketing.com. Known for her easy, strategic and results-focused approach to marketing, she also has the unique ability to find untapped profit centers in her client’s businesses so they can create money NOW. To learn more on how to structure your business for maximum profits and productivity, register for Sydni's FREE training webinar.
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