Business Lessons Learned – Trust Your Heart Winners

In conjunction with my recent interview with Marnie Pehrson, author and publisher of Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas Into Income, I held a contest to give away several copies of the book. There were three ways to win:

  1. Random drawing on the live interview call
  2. Post a business lesson learned on the blog post
  3. Tweet about the post and contest

And the winners are…

Cheryl Pickett (live call)

Cheryl Cope (tweet)

Judy Helm Wright (lesson learned comment)

Here are Judy's wise words and business lesson learned…

The best lesson I ever learned was to realize that those who are successful are no smarter, kinder, cuter or more talented than I am.  They have just learned to take advantage of opportunities and move forward every day.

Instead of beating yourself up about how the good things slip by, realize that timing is everything. Keep moving and taking action and your turn will come.

During the interview, Marnie shared the steps she took during pre-launch, launch and post-lauch of her book. You can get the free replay here and get a marketing pro's insights on how to launch and create a bestseller.

If you have not picked up a copy of Trust Your Heart, I recommend you do so. Not because I'm one of the co-authors, but because you will get insights and real lessons learned about how to grow a successful business from 19 people who have done so. As a bonus, you'll also get access to short interviews with each author. Marnie delves deeper with each of us to reveal more info about our businesses and how we overcome the inevitable challenges that pop up. Get the book and then claim your bonus interviews.

Here's a video of an 8 minute snippet of the interview Marnie did with me and focuses on her question about how I determine the difference between fear of failure or change and knowing that something really is a bad idea.


Have you read the book? If so, what's your biggest take-away from the authors' stories?

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