Are You Publishing on Amazon and Yet?

In the last two weeks I've had the good fortune to interview two experts who have spilled the beans (and I mean they both are the definition of "over deliver") on how to use and (Barnes and Noble) to get visibility, credibilty and create passive streams of income.

If you missed the interview with Marnie Pehrson of, who took her book to bestseller status on Amazon in about 5 hours, you can get access to the audio replay here. She shared a lot of details that most people would not usually divulge in a free, no strings interview. 

If you missed the high energy, content-packed webinar with Daniel Hall of Real Fast Book, on how to publish your content on's Nook eReader, you're in luck. He's making the webinar replay available for a few days. And he's not kidding. The replay disappears on Monday 6/20. 

Daniel showed us every step, along with his tried and true tips, on how to get your content published on Barnes and Noble's Nook. Daniel is very generous and stayed on the webinar for over two hours answering questions from more than 100 participants who attended live. Watch the webinar here.  Here's what a few people had to say after the webinar:

Watch, enjoy and go implement! It's never been easier to publish your content, get it found and seen by your ideal audience. As I meniton in the webinar with Daniel, with only four ebooks on Kindle, I'm now getting royalites deposited into my bank account every month. When I add those ebooks to the Nook, I expect my monthly passive income will go up. YOU can do this too! (If you want to help with the strategy and tactics to make this happen, let's talk!)

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  1. says

    I watched Daniel’s webinar on Saturday and last night I published my first ebook on the Nook –   I was able to use the same formatting with minor changes and my Kindle version is processing now. I am testing another title and cover for the Kindle. Thank you. 

  2. says

    These are excellent resources. I missed Marnie’s presentation to your group but I watched her meteoric rise to Amazon’s #1 spot with interest, excitement & awe. The link you have above for Marnie right now goes to Daniel’s  page. Can you please share Marnie’s replay, too?


    • says

      Yikes! Thanks for letting me know about the incorrect link, Felicia. It’s fixed now. Here’s the link to get access to the interview: