What Do You Do When You Have No Time for Blogging?

What Do You Do When You Have No Time for Blogging

I know what you’re going through.

I always say that online visibility depends on making sure that your site features fresh, interesting, valuable content and resources.

So you have to consistently publish.

Have to.

You need to keep blogging, keep posting, keep generating that content. It’s all about consistency, right? The problem is, being consistent can be hard when you just can’t find the time or energy or inspiration to write.

So what can you do when you have no time for blogging? [Read more…]

How National Media can Improve your Reach and Visibility in New Markets

How National Media Can Improve your reach and visibility in new markets

We’ve all heard the cries that the media is dying but is that really the case? Yes, things are changing, forms are changing, viewing habits are changing, the devices we use are changing, but the truth of the matter is that media has been in the process of integration for a number of years now, and they’ve reinvented themselves.

It isn’t dying and those who say it is, are not keeping up. (I know, those might sound like fighting words, but I don’t mean it that way. There was a time when “old media” and “new media” meant something. Those days are over.) [Read more…]

How to Blog Like a Pro and Stay Ahead of the Pack

How to Blog Lke a Pro and Stay Ahead of the Pack - 10 Articles curated by Denise Wakeman

As a business owner, you know how it goes…you’ve got to constantly learn and adapt to new ways of marketing your wares, develop and reach new fans, and stay ahead of your competition. 

The same goes for your blogsite, especially if it’s an integral part of your online marketing strategy (it is, right?). Whether you want to or not, you’ve got to blog like a pro. [Read more…]

Badass Visual Branding for Your Blog | Adventures in Visibility with Andrea Beltrami

Andrea Beltrami Badass visual branding for your blog

By the end of a mini-course on creating branded blog images, taught by Andrea Beltrami, I knew I was going to hire her to help me with the visual branding for my blog and other marketing images. She is sassy and savvy, both qualities I like, and most importantly, Andrea is talented with a keen eye for what works. I hired her and immediately received feedback about what I wanted, what would work and what wouldn’t, along with suggestions for how to improve my visuals all around. Andrea helped me create a simple, attractive and recognizable look for my blog and quote images. Now,  you can get a dose of Andrea’s badass visual marketing savvy. [Read more…]

Going Off the Beaten Path to Build a Brand | Adventures in Visibility with Jeff Sieh

Jeff Sieh Going Off the Beaten Path to Build a Brand

Ever since Jeff Sieh started his Manly Pinterest Tips show, I’ve been intrigued. Conventional wisdom is that Pinterest is a gal thing, yet Jeff has turned that notion upside down and created a popular show and podcast that explores an alternate point of view. In this show, we’re going to find out the back story and what stepping off the beaten path has done for Jeff’s brand and visibility. [Read more…]

10 Ways to Bring More Readers BACK to Your Blog

10 Ways to Bring More Readers BACK to Your Blog

Bringing in new readers is an integral part of blog marketing: It’s not enough to create awesome content – You need to spread the word for more people to discover your site.

However attracting new readers is not enough: You need to bring your current readers back too. In our era of information overload, no matter how awesome you are, your readers are most likely to forget about your blog unless you keep reminding them that you exist.

Your existing readership is what powers up your blog: Repeat users are more likely to interact (because they already know you) by sharing your articles and leaving comments. Therefore, you must never let your readers forget about you!

Here are 10 ways I am keeping with my readers in touch: [Read more…]

I’m not above resorting to bribery – We Need to Talk

I'm not above resorting to bribery

How do you feel when you hear the words, “we need to talk”? My first reaction is physical like I’m going to get sick. Not rational, I know, but it seems like that tiny phrase is always followed by a difficult conversation. Yesterday, I got some laser coaching around my physical reaction when I interviewed Andrea Lee, my business coach, about her new book, We Need To Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations. [Read more…]