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High in the Andes Mountains of South America, about two hours north of the bustling city of Cusco, Peru, is Amaru Village, the tiny mountain home of a cooperative of  Quechua (pre-Inca culture) women who work together weaving and offer an authentic ‘homestay’ experience for travelers who want to stray off the beaten path.

The ladies of Amaru are budding entrepreneurs, learning how to create and run a hospitality business, as well as sell the gorgeous woven items they create.

In 2013 I spent two days in the village at the home of Rufina Cruz Ccana, president of the women's cooperative. I longed to bring back a little bit of this enchantment and beauty to my friends and colleagues. During my stay in Amaru, the ladies patiently showed me how to find and gather the special plants they use to create natural dyes for the wool they card and spin before hand weaving it into gorgeous belts, clothes and bags. 

In 2013, working with my contact in Peru, I made a similar offer and was blown away by the response. Since I'm returning to Peru this summer, I asked the ladies if they would like do another project and they said yes!

I've commissioned the ladies of Amaru to create a special woven pouch just for you. This 6” x 10” pouch is made of handwoven wool and dyed using plants native to Amaru. It’s the perfect size to use as a clutch for your wallet, phone, and keys for a special night out. Or stash your favorite colored markers and pens so you have them with you when that creative spark strikes. Or, keep your makeup elegantly contained and easily accessible in your handbag. How you use the pouch is up to you! A zipper is added to the pouch, ensuring your treasures are safe.

The ladies have also agreed to create their popular beaded wrap bracelets. I brought dozens of these beautiful bracelets back from my first trip to Peru and everyone loved the gifts. 

NOTE: The images below are from pouches and bracelets I commissioned in 2013. Each pouch is unique and designs will vary, but all will reflect the wonderful artistry for which the weavers of Amaru are known. The same is true of the bracelets.  I guarantee you will get a beautiful, hand-dyed, hand-woven pouch and/or bracelet. I cannot guarantee the colors or patterns.

Net profits on each sale go directly to the ladies of Amaru.
I will be traveling to Amaru in August/September and will hand-carry your order back to California for shipping directly to you.  Expected delivery is mid-October, 2016, just in time for the holidays!

I look forward to sharing the art of these special women with you.
Denise Wakeman

Amaru Collection

Hand Dyed & Woven Wool Pouch

$35.00 each

6" x 10" zippered pouch. Hand-dyed and woven wool on traditional Peruvian looms. Colors and designs will vary. 

Hand Made Beaded Wrap Bracelet

$15.00 each

Hand-made beaded wrap bracelet, made with hand-dyed wool yarn. Colors and designs will vary.

Pouch and Bracelet Combo




Get both the pouch and the bracelet. Save $5. 

Rufina Cruz Ccana,
President of the Amaru Cooperative 
Rufina spinning wool.
Weaving with a floor loom.