#MiaOnTheGo – A Study in Brand Ambassadorship and Visibility | Adventures in Visibility with Mia Voss

Mia Voss on Adventures in Visibility

Mia Voss shares her Adventures in Italy.

Marking the 2 year anniversary of Adventures in Visibility, I welcome back my good friend Mia Voss of The Mia Connect.  Mia recently spent 3 weeks in Italy celebrating her birthday and brilliantly designed the adventure as a showcase for several travel brands. #MiaOnTheGo Brand Ambassador provided a spotlight and new visibility for the companies she worked with, as well as herself. We discuss the why, what and the how that sparked Mia’s adventure and what that’s done for her business. [Read more…]

A Website is Not Enough

A Website is not Enough

Do you remember the early days of the Internet? 1995 or so? It was all pretty basic back then, and most businesses did not have a website.

The first website I created (well, someone else built it) was in early 1997. It was simple, probably four or five pages, promoting the coaching business my former husband and I had just launched in Canada. We were way ahead of the curve with that site. [Read more…]

9 LinkedIn Publishing Tips That Can Build Your Visibility and Audience

A colleague recently posted in a private Facebook group, asking where she could post content to expand her reach and build new relationships. There are so, so many options for sharing your content, and you can get bogged down trying to cover all the bases. However, as a business owner,  if you’re not publishing on LinkedIn, then this is where I suggest you start, if you too, like my colleague, want to expand your reach.

9 LinkedIn Publishing Tips That Can Build Your Visibility and Audience

LinkedIn has been growing stronger as a platform in the last year or so, and is becoming a contender for getting more eyeballs on your content. With the opening up of LinkedIn Publishing to (almost) all members, and the popularity of LinkedIn Pulse, it’s easier right now to connect with more of your ideal audience.

I’ve been experimenting with repurposing some of my evergreen blog content. I’m reposting the articles and discovered I’m getting more traffic to my blog and more people following me on LinkedIn (I know quality trumps quantity, but more followers means more opportunities to connect with potential new prospects). I’ve learned a few thing along the way and share some tips with you here… [Read more…]

LinkedIn Visibility Strategies for Entrepreneurs | Adventures in Visibility with Viveka von Rosen

“Your business’s LinkedIn profile is your launchpad for success. It is the foundation on which your marketing strategy is built, making it one of the most important tools in your arsenal.”

Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert

In the “green room” with Viveka von Rosen before the show starts.

Viveka von Rosen is one of the top LinkedIn Experts and my go-to gal for all things LinkedIn. She’s passionate about using and showing others how to optimally use LinkedIn. Viveka’s positive, fun-loving style makes it easy to learn and implement her LinkedIn strategies.  In this adventure we explore visibility tactics you, as an entrepreneur can implement to get better results as well as get some behind-the-scenes insights on how LinkedIn is evolving. [Read more…]